Instructions for use

1. How can I view the contents on Interactive?


If you wish to view the contents on Interactive, you don't have to register. You can just move around by clicking on particular categories in the above toolbar, which includes Forum, Gallery, Surveys, The user of the week, Instructions ... You can view the contents in a particular category by clicking on the desired content. You can rate images even if you aren't registered, but you have to be registered to comment on them. If you want to take part on Interactive, you have to undertake a free registration and create yourself a free profile.


2. How can I create myself a free profile?


You can create a profile by finding the box Registration into the system in the top right-hand corner and clicking on the link You are not a member of Intimate Interactive yet? Click to sign up for free. In a box that will open up, choose your username (which will be shown with your contents on Interactive) and password, repeat the latter, and insert your e-mail address. You also have to tick that you are informed of the conditions of participation and click the button Sign in. If you are already registered, you just have to insert your username and password into the box Log into the system.


3. How can I edit my profile?


Once your profile is created, you can edit it as it suits you. All you have to do is click on Profile settings in the box with your username. There, you can change your username, create a greeting message, sign up for receiving electronic messages, create your signature that will appear under each of your posts on the forum and sign up for being informed of private messages sent to you by other users of Interactive. Here, you can also change the password with which you access your profile.


4. How can I participate on the forum?


If you wish to participate on the forum, you have to log in each time you enter Interactive. Insert your message into the box Please insert your message (you find it under the last post on the topic in which you want to participate) and click on Send. You can preview your post by clicking on Preview and you can refresh it by clicking on Reset. If you have already posted your message, but you wish to make corrections, click on the button Edit in the post and change your text. If you wish to delete it, click on the button Delete.


5. How can I quote somebody?


We quote somebody when we wish to respond to a specific part of a text posted by another user, but we don't want to copy everything. We can do this by clicking on the button Quote in the post that we wish to cite. Below the text that is copied into our box Please insert your message, we can add our own text.


6. How can I start a new topic?


You can open a new topic by clicking on the category Forum in the top toolbar of Interactive and finding the category in which you wish to open a topic (e.g. She / The female body) under the latest posts. You will find the box Opening a new topic under the latest topics in the chosen category. Into this box, you should insert the title of your topic and your text. The topic will thus be created and will appear by itself on the top of the list of latest messages.

And how can you add a link to another website? When participating on the forum, you can insert a link by clicking on the URL icon above the text entry box, and then inserting the URL address and the text for display in the following way: []text for display[/url].



7. How can I add a new image to the gallery?


You can post a new image in the gallery by clicking on the link Add image in your profile. You will find it under the link My images. The box Add/edit image will open up. If you wish, you can insert the title and the description of the image as well as the tags (or keywords) that explain what is shown in the picture. You can insert an image by clicking on the button Browse and find the image you want to add in your computer. All you need to do now is click on Save, and the image will be added. It will appear as the first one in the gallery.


In the Intimate Medicine gallery you can post any kind of photographs on condition they aren't racist, discriminatory or pornographic and on condition you take full responsibility for them.



8. How can I view all my contents?


If you want to see only all of the contents that you have created (i.e. the latest posts on the forum, blogs and images), click on the link My profile in your profile. If you want to view only images, click on My images, and if you wish to view only your blogs, click on My blog.


9. How can I view or send a private message?


Click on the link Private messages in your profile. When you click on New message in the top toolbar, a new box will open up in which you should insert the username of the addressee and the subject of your message, if you wish to, while you insert the text you want to send into the big box, and click on Send. In the section Private messages you can also view the received and sent private messages and your archive of messages. Each time you receive a new private message, this will be clearly indicated in your profile when you log in. Under the link Private messages it will, for example, say: You have 1 private message. Private messages can help the users of Interactive connect also on a more private level.


10. How can I become a member of the club Intimate Medicine Exclusive?


The members of Intimate Medicine Exclusive are able to view high-quality videotopics concerning sexuality, where it is clearly and visually depicted how to improve one's sex life. The videos are accompanied with explanations provided by the top experts in the field of sexuality. If you wish to become a member and view these contents, click on the link Club Exclusive in your profile. Access is payable.

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