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what is normal?

trk15. Jul 12
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i just wanna know if i am normal or if i may be lacking. my penis is about 6.5 inches long. ive never measured circumference. is this consideres smallm i know there are huge guys out there and that...

why I\'m here

why I\'m here - Brook88
Brook8820. Jun 12
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I'm just here to share a little of my intimate experiences with other ladies, (and guys too I guess, lol). So, my boyfriend and I have known each other since high school but have not always been...

Western vs. Eastern Men

enjambement13. Sep 10
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Why nobody writes blogs anymore? Are they totally out? Well, I'll write something then. I was at a great exhibition yesterday with my girlfriends who are all crazy about Japan and Korea. I...

Sex Rules the World

michel19. Jul 10
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People mostly don't live in harmony with nature; let's leave the cars, factories, etc. aside for today and really focus on things that are connected with our instincts: the food, relationships...

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shwetachopra 11. Jul 2021 There is a certain level of comfort gained in by all the customers to be in relation to all the beauties here present...
Be Engaged to Escorts in Andheri Girls at Your Own Ease
Adrian69702016 27. Mar 2018 I'd be interested to know whether other members here feel horniest on a full bladder or an empty one. Speaking for...
Arousal and bladder fullness
Adrian69702016 27. Mar 2018 I masturbate when I need to. Bit like peeing really. So far as fantasies are concerned they're mainly about people...
How often do you masturbate? what are your fantasies? :)

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24. Feb His wife is mean: Man says to his wife: Let me take a picture of your breasts, than I can always look at them. Wife: Let me take a picture of you penis, I will have it enlarged.

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