Does a Serious Relationship Benefit Health?

30.03.2012 | By: Kathy M.

The research shows that a serious relationship benefits health. Read more about the interesting findings!



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Serious relationship is beneficial to health! (PhotoXpress)


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Experts reached a conclusion that seriously committed or married men are much healthier that their single friends and they also die later. Even though the connection between living together, health and mortality seems almost impossible, the research states the opposite. Read about the reasons that will convince you it is not so boring to spend a whole lifetime with one person, after all.

Men in a serious relationship die later

The study Marital Status and Mortality: The Role of Health, which was conducted in 1996, reached an interesting conclusion. They came to a conclusion that unmarried men in their 50, 60 or 70s die sooner than married men or men who are in a relationship. A clear explanation doesn't exist but the experts assume that a serious relationship is beneficial to health because it encourages a healthy lifestyle. Married men smoke less and drink less, eat healthier food, exercise more and less often participate in activities harmful to health (sexual intercourse without protection, drug consumption and similar).

Men in a serious relationship experience less stress

Dario Maestripieri, a professor at the University of Chicago, is convinced that »although marriage can be stressful, it enables people to deal with other stressful factors more easily.« Stress in everyday life has a big influence on development of several diseases, for example autoimmune diseases, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Stress weakens the body resistance which makes us more prone to getting ill. If you are still hesitating about getting married, maybe the healthy factor will convince you.


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