How I Lost My Virginity (Part 3)

5.05.2013 | By: Matthew N.

Matthew remembers his first sexual encounter – with a librarian. So that's where his great love of libraries comes from.



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In seventh grade I had a crush on a girl called Lucy. She had long hair, a pale complexion and spent a lot of her time in the library. Just like me. She read the Ballet Shoes stories , which in hindsight seems a little immature for her age. I read youth books about sex, well I also read other stuff as there weren’t that many of them. I was therefore pretty well-informed for my age.she was a year older than me and at least three other boys form her class liked her so I didn’t stand a chance. The only thing that I could do, nerdy as I was, was to watch her secretly over bookshelves.  One time after German class that  we took together, I found her notebook. I flipped through it and to my joy there were no hearts with initials in it. Instead, it was full of short comics Lucy drew during class. I returned the notebook at the next class with one extra comic in it. A correspondence began and it became more and more personal. Just as I thought that we might go out together after all, her classmates found the notebook. They made fun of us and were quite mean. The biggest of her three fans stood up for Lucy and soon they started dating. But I didn’t forget Lucy and for a long time I still watched her reading over the shelves. Sometimes I stayed in the library long after she had left; pretending to read and fantasizing about caressing her while I fondled myself. One summer’s day, when Lucy was especially beautiful and wore a short dress so I could get a really good look at her thighs, Daisy, the librarian caught me pleasuring myself. Daisy was very young, straight out of college, although at the time, I thought she was as old as my mum. She was the kind of beauty you learn to appreciate only later in life; a strong nose, proud eyes and sensuous movements. The main attraction and source of excitement for us boys, was that she almost invariably wore skirts which were sometimes very short. She never wore high heels with them as she was quite tall. She had very thick long hair, which she colored red, and the same pale complexion as my Lucy.  Once she saw me sitting in a faraway corner, intent on strking myself and fantasizing about Lucy she started. A second later she my chased away my fear (and probably hers too) by suggesting something amazing: “Do you need help?” My eyes open wide, I nodded, unable to believe my luck. She put her slender hand over my clumsy boyish one and pushed it away gently. She caressed me over my trousers a few times and then unbuttoned them. She smiled at my boxer shorts, with small cars printed on them. Since that day I‘ve never let my mother buy me underwear again. She took them off in a flash and tangled her fingers into my thin pubic hair.


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She fondled my balls a bit, watching me closely. The blue of her eyes expanded until her pupils became little slits and her mouth was half-open. I watched her, completely bewitched and shaking in her gentle arms, which kept caressing me. She undid her white blouse, and since she wasn’t wearing anything underneath she guided my hand towards her small tits with pink nipples. I caressed her and they immediately hardened. She lifted her short skirt to reveal first the lacy rim of her tights and then her pussy, covered with thick, curly hair. She wasn’t wearing any underwear at all. She led my other hand between her legs. I knew that there were the outer and inner labia and that an excited pussy gets wet. Now I was actually able to touch the labia with my own hands! The inner lips were not small at all and when I slid my thin fingers up and down, Daisy moaned with desire.Put your sweet little fingers in, she commanded breathlessly. I obeyed like the good boy that I was and plunged them into the wettest pussy I’ve ever seen. She gave a loud sigh and shivered. I finger-fucked her for a while, until she stopped me and spread her bushy slit so that I could see her clit in all its glory. “This is the clitoris” she said huskily. “Women really like it when you stroke it gently, just like this. She circled her fingers over the swollen flesh and its sensitive surroundings. Her eyes were almost closed and she moaned loudly. Then, all of a sudden, she mounted me. I came in a second and poured my juiced into her in a few short spurts. That’s how I lost my virginity. When I opened my eyes she looked at me kindly and said; “You always have to remember the woman”. She took my fingers into her mouth and moistened them. The sight and feeling of her tongue on my fingertips drove me wild. She pressed my lubed fingers against her clit and circled around a few times till I got the pressure and rhythm just right. My innocent little cock was still throbbing inside her while I pleasured her with my fingers. She was gasping for air when I finally felt her pussy contract around me. She drove her long fingernails into my shoulder and I carried her mark with me for weeks. It was then that I signed into the city library.


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