Matthew's Girlfriend Prefers Girls (Part 4)

12.05.2013 | By: Matthew N.

Despite his extensive skills, Matthew can’t seem to fully satisfy his unusual girlfriend!



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“Come with us to this club,” Marina invites me over the phone … Her confession that she prefers girls still came as a bit of a shock. Still, I was ready to consider hanging out as a couple at least until she mustered enough courage to speak to her parents. I fell in love with Marina around the third day of classes – we were both freshmen. I thought I must be the only guy who likes her – at first sight she wasn’t that gorgeous. She always wore jeans, sports T-shirts and never paid much attention to hair or make-up. Still, she was really really attractive, you could feel her body heat and she smelt of one thing and one thing only – sex. Marina had really tight little holes, one smelt like watermelons and the other like wild glass or so I imagined. When I first fucked her in the toilet of some club, I thought for a moment that she was a virgin – and she just laughed at me.

It’s a beautiful night and we’re going out to a party together. Marina is wearing her usual clothes, the only difference being that she’d washed her hair. We’re holding hands, I trace my fingers up her palm, drawing sensuous circles, and a little while later she throws me a seductive look over her small glasses. It’s full of promise. At the party we’re dancing close to each other, and my bulge keeps getting bigger, spurred on by her movements. Then I lean against the bar and watch her dance with our classmate Jean. Jean is a slender redhead with an ass to die for. Their legs intertwine, Žana’s sexy legs in tight trousers rubbing against Marina’s in short trousers. She wants to turn me on, I think to myself. Marina slides her hand down Žana’s exposed back and finally settles on her hips. When she grabs her perfect tush, she throws me a seductive glance. The song’s over and Marina, flushed, heads for the toilets. I follow her and catch up just as she‘s closing the door. I manage to open them. Marina pees as if I wasn’t there but doesn’t put her panties back on. She takes my hand and guides it decisively to her naturally blonde bush. With a sigh I dive between her sharply defined labia. When I touch her clit she gives a loud moan.


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Shhh, quiet, or someone will hear us” I warn her and keep exploring her tiny, juicy pussy. I want to explore every inch of it right now so I push my finger into her, Marina flinches. I slide my finger in and out a couple of times but Marina seems unmoved. I smell and lick the finger, glistening from her juices and notice an extra spark in her eyes. I drop down on my knees, spread her labia a little with my hand and suck on her luscious clit. I let her feel my teeth, striking her gentle knob with my hard tongue and again push a finger into her hot tight pussy. She grabs me by the hair and moves my head up and down while I remain glued to her clit. I sense by her breathing and her sobbing cries  that she’s just about ready to come. I stop and get up. She looks at me with anger, but I drive away her anger with a kiss. I push my tongue deep into her mouth, while circling my finger around her tight little hole. When she moans I move away and  lift her T-shirt. Underneath it there are to lovely firm boobs with dark nipples. I bight into one, and Marina can’t suppress an angry cry, but I know that she’s turned on at the same time. I switch to feather light kisses and licks. Marina wants more, she moans, holding my head to her bosom and circling her hips so that my finger bumps against the walls of her love-hole.

I undo my zip and take off my briefs. Marina takes hold of my dick without looking at it. Her motions are too gentle for me, so I put my hand over hers and control the tempo. We look into each-other’s eyes, the looks alone are sultry enough. “Will you put it in your mouth” I ask her gently. She drops to her knees without hesitation and takes my cock into her small mouth. I take a hold of her head and gently, carefully fuck her in the mouth.  She’s holding my balls cupped din her hand. I want to feel her pussy so I stop and kiss her. I raise up her leg and place it against the toilet-seat cover. I want to penetrate her form the front but she shakes her head and turns around. She offers me her cute butt and starts caressing her clit. I spread her butt-cheeks and enjoy the view for a minute and then I insert my shaft inside her carefully. Alcohol has numbed my senses so penetrating her incredibly tight pussy doesn’t make me come. Marina keeps stroking herself and moaning while I fuck her, slowly and gently.

“Are you OK? I ask. She nods and says through her teeth “It’s just that you’re so big”. “You’re not in pain?”  Marina shakes her head and adds “It’s a good sort of pain”. I come inside her and the last couple of thrusts are too deep and too fast for her, but since I’m drunk I can’t help pushing as far as I like. Warm, white sperm drips down her thighs when I pull my shaft out. Her cheeks are flushed and there are even a few teardrops glistening in her eyes. “I’m sorry” I say and start stroking her hair and cheeks, while I reach down to her clit with my other hand. She still hasn’t had an orgasm, so she lets herself go and leans against me, while I finally make her come. Her whole tiny body shakes as she comes, pressed close to me.

Moments later we’re standing in a crowd of her friends, mostly gay guys and girls. I look at them, average guys and girls, their outfits perhaps a little bit more interesting than most young people’s. Their conversation soon begins to bore me; I don’t listen to this type of music.

On the other side of the club I see a pair of interesting, heavily made-up and slightly slanting eyes. For a moment, our eyes meet, then she looks away. I catch a glimpse of pale protruding cheek bones and full lips. The door finally opens and we start to make our way towards the exit.


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