Sex Education Museum For Women In China

23.03.2012 | By: I. M.

In China a sex education museum intended specifically for women was opened. The museum teaches women about all aspects of sexuality.



sex education museum for women

The sex museum in China offers women information on all aspects of sexuality. (PhotoXpress)


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What can you see in a sex education museum in China?

The sex museum provides information about human reproduction and the female visitors are able to hear male thoughts on sexuality and sexual intercourse as well. Men are not allowed inside, but women are able to see eight rooms with more than 500 exhibits. They are also able to watch movies and photographs on pregnancy, abortion and giving birth.

Here we can see a slight hidden agenda by the Chinese government. The owners of the sex museum hope to have at least 200 visitors a day and they are sure that women will acquire a great deal of information during their visit, which will make it easier for them to decide on their sexuality, their relationships and their plans for a family.

China could use more projects on sex education

The first sex museum in China was opened in 1999, in the centre of Shanghai. Because the opening received a very negative response and even protests from the residents, it had to be moved to the suburbs of Shanghai. In 2000, the family planning commission started a five-year project with the purpose of promoting healthy sexuality and offer information about the right choice of contraception for teenagers and young people all around the country. The project also included educating people about the HIV virus, which is spreading unstoppably throughout China and is reaching epic proportions. For many years, the country has been struggling with the lack of control over the birth rate and the tremendous increase in sexually transmitted diseases. The policy of limiting the number of offspring has been implemented since 1979. When trying to control the birth rate, the government took some measures which are still in place nowadays, but the results are unfortunately showing very slowly. The country has offered various social advantages to families with only one child and billboards portraying happy families with one child warn the Chinese to limit the number of offspring.

Poor sex education in China is to blame for a variety of diseases

A big population still contributes to a great presence of sexually transmitted diseases. The experts assess that the number of Chinese people infected with the HIV virus is somewhere between 430,000 and 1.5 million. Because of this, it is believed that museums and similar forms of sex education are badly needed. China intends to keep the policy of limiting the number of offspring for ten more years. At that point, the condition will supposedly be normal.


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