Sex in a Public Place

19.03.2013 | By: S. J.

Are you daring, brave, and excited by the thought of having sex in a public place? Read on to find out where and how you can do it.



sex in public

Having sex in a public place has never been more popular. (PhotoXpress)


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Having sex in a public place is a common sexual fantasy with both men and women. However, only the most daring have the guts to have unfettered sex in the most unusual places, such as a changing booth in a store, a toilet in a restaurant, or a back seat of a car.

Why are we so attracted to having sex in public? Some would say they did it simply to spice up their sexual routine, and a lot of people are immensely excited by the fact that they might get caught in the act. If you want to try having sexual intercourse in a public place, we have some tips for you.

Choosing the right location

Weigh all the risks that such an action brings. Don't forget that sex in a public place is illegal in most countries and that by doing it you can get in a great deal of trouble. Choose a place where you think you are least likely to be seen by anybody. For example, if you're caught having sex in the office by your boss, you can seriously jeopardize your career.

The most common places where couples have intercourse are parks, public toilets, toilets on a plane, cinemas, theaters, cars, forests, elevators, offices, pools, balconies, roofs, phone booths, changing booths etc.

Being spontaneous is welcome, but ...

Naturally, sex is better when it happens spontaneously. But isn't it better to be prepared for unpleasant surprises? Therefore, when we speak about sex in a public place, your first associations should be a "quickie" and less comfort than usual.  

When you actually start making love in public, you and your partner should already be extremely aroused. You can get aroused both verbally and physically. By whispering seductive words in your partner's ear or by gently touching their private parts under the table, a passionate "quickie" in a forbidden zone will become even more tempting and feasible.

Choosing the right position

Even though the choice of positions while having sex in a public place is relatively small, make sure that your sexual position is as comfortable as possible for both of you. If you find yourself in a tiny space, a little ingenuity will come in handy. If you're in a car, intercourse will be more comfortable if you push the seats down all the way. 

If the man is taller than the woman, it's better to let the woman take charge and "ride" him. In closed spaces like toilets or changing booths, the most frequent and the best positions are standing up and doing it from behind.

Sexual games

Sex in a public place doesn't always mean sexual intercourse with penetration. You can have oral sex, stimulating your partner's clitoris or the penis, and you can continue your adventure at home, after enjoying the foreplay in a public place.

To conclude, let us once again warn you of the dangers you may encounter. It's unpleasant if you're caught by a passer-by or a policeman. A policeman can give you a fine, while the passer-by that watches you can be a voyeur or someone who wants to join in.


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