Are You a Bad Lover?

5.11.2010 | By: K. Z.

Which signs and actions reveal that you are in fact a bad lover? Check them out in the article!


Are you a bad lover? (photoxpress)

Are you a bad lover? (photoxpress)

You have a fabulous time on all of your dates, but when you end up in bed for the first time everything changes and she suddenly can't find the time to meet up with you. Sounds familiar? Of course your friends always assure you it's not your fault and that women are simply too complicated to understand them, but did it ever cross your mind that your bad performance in bed is to blame? Even though you have a relationship for several years now, the possibility that you are a bad lover is still not excluded. Read about the signs which will tell you that it's high time for a radical change.

Do you like to plan in advance?

There's nothing wrong with planning but if your sex life becomes totally submitted to your careful planning, then you might have a problem. Do you have intercourse only on certain days of the week when you can sleep longer the next day? Such actions take away the most exciting dimension - spontaneity. When spontaneity is gone, boredom and tiredness quickly develop, too. What can you do? Force yourself to be more spontaneous! Make a schedule and ignore it on purpose!

Is it over in ten minutes?

Efficiency and speed is definitely and advantage with some things in life, but not when it comes to sexual intercourse. A quickie is good from time to time to stir things up, but if a ten-minute rule has also become a rule for you, then you have a problem. Most men fail at skipping the foreplay. To make it at least a bit longer, pay attention to foreplay for the first ten minutes and let the rest follow, because a foreplay is also a part of sexual intercourse and many women enjoy it immensely. If you know how to stimulate her erogenous zones then you're surely not a bad lover!

Is your partner's vagina moist enough?

Lack of vaginal moistness can be a consequence of other factors as well, but men who hurry too much and don't take enough time are also to blame. Even though you can always speed things up by using a lubricant, it is much better to take enough time and try to arouse your partner, and there will be no lack of natural lubricant. In this way you will also show her that you don't care only about your own pleasure but that you're a thoughtful and attentive lover.

Do you know the course of events by heart?

An exciting thing like sexual intercourse shouldn't become a routine. If you know the foreplay by heart and how much time do you need to reach an orgasm, then your sex life has become boring and uninteresting! Even though you might make a good impression when you have sexual intercourse with a new partner for the first time, the repetition will surely disappoint her. It's high time to surrender to your imagination and discover your adventurous side! Sexual intercourse has to be unpredictable, it can also be fun, but not serious and similar to a business meeting! Even though you like to plan everything else in your life, relax a little at least in the bedroom!

One way to chase away the boredom is to have intercourse everywhere in the apartment, except on the bed!


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