Women can experience multiple mega orgasms!

19.10.2009 | By: JP

Multiple orgasms which may last for up to three hours and a half are something that women can actually experience while men only dream about it. Learn how to give your partner heavenly pleasures during your love-making!



American sexologist Vera Brodinsky reached multiple orgasms, lasting fro 270 minutes in front of five university professors. (jlp)

American sexologist Vera Brodinsky reached multiple orgasms, lasting fro 270 minutes in front of five university professors. (jlp)

270 minutes of ecstasy

Mega orgasm has become a new trend in women’s sex life! American sexologist, Vera Brodinsky, who specializes in nerve sensitivity, has proved (in front of five university professors!) that a 270-minute-orgasm is realizable! Orgasmic marathons are possible by using a technique developed in the Far East more than 3500 years ago. The exercise enables us to control our body and prolong orgasm for almost as long as we wish. The sensation might be described as climbing a ladder of pleasure higher and higher while the bliss never ends. Vera set the record with the help of her husband, who used his fingers to stimulate her clitoris and vagina. She divided the area of her clitoris into four parts (quadrants) and found that the upper left part was the most sensitive to stimulation. Lying on the table with her legs wide apart, she was stimulated by her husband’s fingers and the people present couldn’t stop marveling at what they saw: an orgasm that just wouldn’t end. The couple organizes seminars about mega orgasms which will cost you around $400, they published a book and released a video for their “students” as well (you may also find it on the Web).  

Women experience no premature ejaculation or impotence problems

Rotraud Perner, a sexologist from Vienna, claims that from the point of view of anatomy women are provided with a higher proportion of sexual pleasure. Vaginal muscles are incredibly stretchy and if exercised regularly they can entirely control sexual arousal while an extremely sensitive clitoris enables them to experience multiple, long and intensive mega orgasms. Women are ready to proceed with intercourse straight after orgasm, have no problems with premature ejaculation or impotence and need no visual stimulation; the only thing they really need is a loving and caring partner who knows how to treat her well. (Which turns out to be the biggest problem of all in the end, actually).   

Such high concentration of nerve endings can be found only in the clitoris! (jlp)

Such high concentration of nerve endings can be found only in the clitoris! (jlp)


Clitoris was created for pleasure and pleasure only

Natalie Angier, the author of Woman: The Intimate Geography, has explored the borders of female sexuality and even further. Her book is an ode to the clitoris, which consists of 8000 nerve endings: such high concentration of nerve endings can be found in no other part of human body, neither at the finger tips or lips nor on the tongue or the tip of the penis. This miracle of anatomy, this natural wonder, has only one purpose: to ensure her sexual pleasure. Men dominated the world of science for centuries and female sex life was grossly neglected for that reason: but today, the clitoris is finally getting the attention it deserves.

Science saves!

The not-so –recent trend of obsessing about your sexuality forced women who have low sexual drive to search for medication or stimulants. The sales figures of female libido enhancement meds have risen dramatically, because the modern woman expects more from her love life and is sexually active for longer then the previous generations. No such pharmaceutical miracle as the blue pill exists to help women prolong their sex lives and pleasure, and it probably won’t any time soon since female sexuality appears to be more complicated. Scientists have found that unlike male sexuality, female sexuality is anything but linear: it runs in cycles of desire, arousal, orgasm and satisfaction.   The Pharmaceutical industry has done a great deal of research on the subject, and experiments with testosterone,  a male hormone which affects women’s sexual drive, seem to be most promising. However, don’t be fooled by advertisements on the Web since many of them are misleading: It’s better to wait patiently and see what future has in store for us. In the meanwhile, use all that Mother Nature has given you to your advantage. 



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