Cheating is Bad for Your Health!

1.02.2011 | By: JP

It is no secret that cheating is bad for you relationship but now the scientists proved that cheating is also bad for your health.


Cheating is bad for your health

Cheating is bad for your health (Photoxpress)

Every fourth man and every fifth woman is cheating

You know that you shouldn't have, but sometimes the temptation is just too big. If we can believe the words of psychologists, then every fourth man cheated on his partner at least once while every fifth woman cheated on her partner. The results come from a research but the actual results are probably much higher. The experts explain that one of the main reasons for cheating is sexual dissatisfaction in a relationship which makes the partners look for sexual encounters elsewhere. In most cases, cheating doesn't occur only once but it becomes an affair, which can last for months or even years. Sooner or later the game of hide and seek comes to an end and all the persons involved need to face the negative consequences of their actions.

Negative effects of cheating on physical and emotional health

Cheating is not only bad for your relationship but it is also bad for your health. Italian scientists from the University of Turin came to the conclusion that unfaithful men face a higher possibility of suffering from headaches or aneurysm. This is a consequence of the fact that the unfaithful partner is under a lot of stress, which influences the medical condition of a person. Researchers from the University of Colorado reached a similar conclusion and they also advise against cheating for health reasons. Cheating does not have a bad influence only on the person who is cheating but also on the physical health of a betrayed person. Once they realize their partner has been unfaithful they have to face a lot of fears and depression, very similar to those who survived a terrible car accident.

It is therefore better not to solve your problems at home in a stranger's bed. If an honest conversation with you partner doesn't improve your sexual life, it is probably better to go separate ways and put an end to all the pretending and lies.




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