Excess Body Hair in Women

3.07.2010 | By: T. B.

Excess body hair in women is not just an inconvenience and an aesthetic problem, but also a medical problem.



Excessive body hair can present a serious problem for many women. (Photoxpress)

Excessive body hair can present a serious problem for many women. (Photoxpress)

Excess body hair can be a medical problem

We are talking about too much hair on the whole body (face, around the breasts, lower part of the stomach, the labia, the organs). Why is this a problem? Because it is a sign of hormonal imbalance. Women with excess body hair have more male hormones than it is normal. Men and women produce all hormones, except that the ratio is different. Men have more of the so called male hormones, while women have more female hormones. This balance influences the menstrual cycle as well because male hormones prevent ovulation and cysts can occur on the ovaries.

The reasons for excess body hair in women

The reason is usually in the ovaries which produce too much of the male hormone. Ovaries can be influenced by an increased amount of the insulin hormone (it lowers the amount of blood sugar), but the condition can be hereditary as well, so you can blame your parents if you wish. The irregular functioning of the ovaries affects about 10% of women.

Besides the hairiness, the irregular functioning of the ovaries also causes irregular menstrual cycles, a tendency to be obese and a deeper voice. It can also go in the other direction and cause hair loss, increased blood sugar, blood pressure or cholesterol, skin problems...

How can we combat excess body hair in women?

It is important that you discover that your ovaries are not functioning correctly soon enough because it can cause a lot of problems to a woman later (also infertility, heart problems). Many times (if the irregularities are discovered soon enough) losing weight can improve the condition. This can do away with many problems, it can among others help restore a hormonal balance. You can also use hormone pills (also contraception pills) and pills for blood sugar and cholesterol as well... women who want to get pregnant take pills which make them ovulate. The treatment and the restoring of the balance in the body will not help with the excess body hair. This problem has to be solved with hair removal. For permanent removal, an electrolysis is a good solution. This is in fact a condition which requires you to change your life in every aspect.

Other reasons for excess body hair in women

Excess body hair also often occurs during female menopause because the amount of female hormones decreases. It is rarely the case that the hypophysis is not functioning correctly. The hypophysis is a gland in the brain which controls the functioning of other glands and thus indirectly influences growth, blood pressure, milk production, male and female sexual organs, the functioning of the kidneys, the feeling of hunger, hairiness... Irregular functioning of the hypophysis can be a result of an accident, tumour, therapy where the brain had to be radiated.

Hairiness is wanted to a certain degree because it protects our body and our intimate parts. But it can become a serious problem – not only physical but psychological as well. It can definitely cause a great deal of fuss to a woman going through this.

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