Home Remedies for Sexual Problems

27.02.2012 | By: Alex F.

Which home remedies can be used for sexual problems such as vaginal infections, better fertility and healthier sexual life in general?



home remedies sexual problems

Solutions to some sexual problems can be very simple. (PhotoXpress)


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Efficient home remedies for sexual problems

1. Your life force is strengthened and the amount of your sperm is increased by shaking your testicles every day (also by shaking and standing on your toes).

2. Excessive sexual arousal can be relieved by taking a shower, washing or massaging your sex organ with a cold jet of water.

3. Sperm has an abundance of nutritional substances and, at the same time, various agents that cause diseases. You definitely have to remember that in oral intercourse and intercourse followed by ejaculation.

4. The main causes of erectile dysfunction are usually a result of fatigue, psychological disinterest, stress, bone cancer, diseases and energy weakness of the kidney and prostate, too many erections and low-quality blood.

5. Coca Cola, narcotics, industrially processed foods, synthetic and tight clothes and similar are the main reasons why the kidneys, prostate, ovaries and testicles don’t function properly (hormonal cause of infertility or weak sexual function).

6.  Vaginal infections are also cured with washing your vagina in the solution of water and home-made apple cider vinegar in a special vessel intended for that use.

7. Long-lasting baths and showering are exhausting for your body; minerals are released through your skin. Seawater is an exception. In the East, it is recommended that you rub your body with a wet and then with a dry towel every day (you have to be careful in the area of birthmarks, nipples, and other areas of damaged skin not to cause more damage).

8. By standing on your toes, clenching your teeth and pushing your abdomen in and out, the energy inside your body is saved while passing urine, and your gums are also strengthened. It is also beneficial to contract your anus and retain the contraction for 1-3 minutes (this has a preventive effect on nocturnal emissions) every time after passing urine.

9. It is unadvisable to make love after eating bread that contains yeast, especially if you haven’t cleaned your teeth (a chance of vaginal infections). In men with a heart disease, oral sex can trigger a heart attack (hyperstimulation of the heart on the head of the penis).
10. In the event of bleeding in the urogenital area, it is recommended that you take a rest, temporarily abstain from sexual intercourse and see your doctor. One of the possible causes can also be damages uterus in sexual intercourse.

11. The missionary position isn’t advisable if you have an abdominal hernia, and if it causes discomfort and pain (e.g. during pregnancy or if the uterus has been damaged).


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