The G spot exists! Not in every woman unfortunately…

25.06.2009 |

After 60 years of speculations whether the G spot exists or not, all doubts on the existence of this mystical female erogenous zone have vanished.




The G spot has been the subject of numerous researches since 1950 when the German gynaecologist Ernst Grafenberg discovered and named the spot. Since then the G spot is believed to be the female erogenous zone, which intensifies the pleasure during sex. Still, many scientists claimed that the G spot was just a myth.


Now the speculations are over. A research team has made a revolutionary discovery using ultrasound. Women claiming to have the G spot have the tissue between the urethra and the vagina thicker than women claiming to have no such erogenous zone. Even more, a bigger amount of nitric oxides is produced in the area of the G spot, which otherwise cause sexual arousal in men.



The leading researcher claims a medical test can now be done to confirm or deny the existence of the G spot in women based on the amount of nitric oxides. ‘For the first time in history using a simple, quick and cheap method it can determined whether a woman has the G spot or not, ‘he says.


Since the test group this research team used was only a representative number of the majority, it cannot yet be said how many women actually have the G spot. Likewise, a connection between the absence of the orgasm and the non-existence of the G spot cannot yet be confirmed. The scientists, however, are on a good track to find a way to solve these mysteries in the near future.



On the other hand, the researches already conducted have shown that all women feel a certain degree of sensitivity in the area of the G spot. It may also be that the sensitivity of the G spot has increased with time in women who experience their sexuality more intensely, thus having changed their anatomy in this area.



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