Which Nations Experience the Most Orgasms?

7.02.2013 | By: T. F.

Read about the nations that reach the most of orgasms and and the ones who have serious problems with achieving orgasms...



most orgasms

As one might expect, the most orgasms are reached by the Latin nations. (PhotoXpress)


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Let us start with those who are not so good at it. According to Reuters, most Chinese, i.e. 76%, are faced with a problem of experiencing an orgasm during sexual intercourse. What is the cause of that is still unknown. With respect to their lifestyle, tempo and enormous economic growth, it could be concluded that  the main fault lies  in overburdening the body, lack of time for relationships and perhaps the wrong understanding of sexuality (as a need and not as the result of strong emotions).

Which nations experience the most orgasms?

According to the research conducted by Durex, at the top of the success ladder are those who are considered the best lovers, so the most orgasms are reached by the Spanish, Italians and Mexicans. In sexual intercourse, 66% of people achieve orgasm!

They are followed by the world’s greatest romantics, the French, with 48%. To be romantic in sexual intercourse is therefore not the best advice if you want to reach the climax and do it again and again!

Which nations are the worst in terms of achieving orgasms?

The worst in action and  merely a few per cents better than the Chinese are citizens of other Asian countries, that is, the Japanese and Singaporeans. It definitely would not hurt them if they adjusted their high view from the economic top with their poor sexual and personal life.

According to the research, the best way to achieve orgasm and the intensity of sexual act is long foreplay and strong emotional attachment. And let us admit it, this is rather difficult to establish in today’s tempo of life. As they often do not experience orgasms, women prefer masturbation because it always gives them perfect satisfaction, according to assessments. On the other hand, men still prefer if  somebody else takes care of them and would rather have sexual intercourse.


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