Erotic Series by Mary (Part 8)

30.12.2012 | By: Mary

He came out of the house with a small bag and car keys. He kissed me. “Did you do it?”



erotic series



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He came out of the house with a small bag and car keys. He kissed me.

“Did you do it?”

I admit I wanted to lie to him at first, but when his big dark personality stepped in front of me, I felt like screaming that I have never eaten a man’s sperm. He looked at me with a kind face and stroked my cheek when I flushed and shook my head.

“I know what you need, Natalie, some field work.”

We sat into the car and drove off.

My nerves and tears got the best of me again. What kind of field work? What was I thinking going with him again? He is a dirty man. Maybe I am the dirty one. What do I want? How can I surrender to a man, just like that? Maybe that is it! I want to surrender to a man who knows where he is going and there are no mistakes. I am not going back to my husband. I have had enough of everything, I do not care where it leads me.

He put on some relaxing music. There were a thousand impulses going through my mind and it took me over an hour to relax.

We were driving to the seaside. It was spring and everything was empty. It was just us and a lorry here and there. How I liked that it was just the two of us. I lift my hair up with my hands and close my eyes. His hand strokes my thigh and calmly reaches under my skirt. It is soft and gentle.

“Are you hot?”

“Yes, a little... should we turn the air conditioning on?”


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“Oh, no, I have a better idea. Why do you not take your skirt off? I want to look at your legs.”

I am relieved. I am finally in the right place.

“What do you mean? What if someone sees?” I toy with him.

“I am afraid no one will see. Unless …”

Why did he misunderstand this? He looked at me seriously.

He put his foot down and caught up with a big lorry on the accelerating lane. He adjusts our speed to match the lorry’s. I can see that our car has a wide window on the roof.

“He is looking down. Get to it, darling.”

I dare not look up, I can only sense the fat lorry driver. I take my skirt off over my warm hips. Glowing beneath are a pair of red panties.

“You are wonderful.”

He stroked my thigh again and pulled me towards himself. His hand had a free way to finally go down to the center. I put my hands behind my head, I closed my eyes and surrendered to both of them. The teacher and the driver. The minutes of driving side by side passed and I could sense myself becoming wet. His fingers lifted the edge of my panties and went inside. The moment they touched the tip, the intimacy was interrupted by the lorry driver, who wildly blew his horn twice.

He winced and stepped on the accelerator. When we moved away, he said:

“I am sorry, honey. He could not take it. Maybe we will have more luck with the next one.”

His hand goes back to the same spot and pulls my panties down. I am wet, so his middle finger has no difficulty penetrating me. It feels good. As if I had relaxed now that the driver was not watching. But the tension due to him seems to be missing in a perverse way. We are approaching another lorry. My heart jumps and the inside of my stomach tenses up again. The teacher does not want to remove his hand and wants me to remove my shirt. I pull the thing over my head. I am not wearing a bra, so my breasts ride free in the warm space. The large wheels are raging on my right. I lift my head, close my eyes and smile. I do not want to see him, but the smile is for the driver. The game is becoming serious. I was naked for both of them, I was doing a show for both of them. I was stimulating my nipples, which were already as hard as two rocks.

“You made them nice and hard... and the driver is enjoying it as well... Is it not nice to see a big tough guy like that get turned on by such a small thing as your pussy? You accomplished something else as well: he wants you to give me a blowjob.”


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