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Matthew's Girlfriend Prefers Girls (Part 4)

Matthew N. :: 12.05.2013 07:05
erotic story

Despite his extensive skills, Matthew can’t seem to fully satisfy his unusual girlfriend!

  Join us on Facebook!   “Come with us to this club,” Marina invites me over the phone … Her confession that she prefers girls still came as a bit of a shock. Still, I was ready to consider hanging out as a couple at least until she mustered enough courage to speak to her parents. I fell in love with Marina around the third day of classes – we were both freshmen. I thought I must be the only guy who likes her – at first sight she wasn’t that gorgeous. She always...Matthew's Girlfriend Prefers Girls (Part 4)

How I Lost My Virginity (Part 3)

Matthew N. ::  5.05.2013 07:05
erotic story

Matthew remembers his first sexual encounter – with a librarian. So that's where his great love of libraries comes from.

  Join us on Facebook!   In seventh grade I had a crush on a girl called Lucy. She had long hair, a pale complexion and spent a lot of her time in the library. Just like me. She read the Ballet Shoes stories , which in hindsight seems a little immature for her age. I read youth books about sex, well I also read other stuff as there weren’t that many of them. I was therefore pretty well-informed for my age.she was a year older than me and at least three other...How I Lost My Virginity (Part 3)

Good Girls Go to Bed Too (Part 2)

Matthew N. :: 28.04.2013 07:04
erotic story

Matthew helps out his less-than-happily engaged friend.

  Join us on Facebook!   Besides curious teenagers, demanding ice queens, nice girls next door, old vamps, sexy friends and random nymphomaniacs, my favorite type are good girls. Good girls are always neat and tidy, happy with their natural hair color, and when they get their college degree, they get married, have two kids and an average job. Good girls like librarians who always find them the right book. They borrow books about gardening, novels, books on labor...Good Girls Go to Bed Too (Part 2)

Maya with Perfect Labia (Part 1)

Matthew N. :: 21.04.2013 07:04
erotic story

Matthew can find joy everywhere, especially in his favourite place, the library.

  Join us on Facebook!   You wouldn’t believe how much sex there is in a library. No, I’m not talking about the books or even female librarians – the main attraction are pretty library goers. Those beauties are focused on book covers or are flipping through pages while I feast my eyes on their long legs in high heels or their plunging necklines, often much more revealing than their owner, musing over some book, is at all aware of. You can easily judge a girl on...Maya with Perfect Labia (Part 1)

Erotic Series by Mary (Part 23)

Mary :: 14.04.2013 07:04
erotic series

“Man and wife… forever…” This line from a movie kept repeating in my mind. Oh no!

  Join us on Facebook!   “Man and wife… forever…” This line from a movie kept repeating in my mind. Oh no! Was he losing his marbles or what? I was lying on the back seat, wrapped up in a warm blanket and I smiled. We were driving home. “Ernest, I can’t marry you.” “Why not?” “Well, there are at least two reasons. One – I’ve decided never to get married again and two,” I swallowed, “I realized that I’m just an ordinary whore and you’re a dirty old man and...Erotic Series by Mary (Part 23)

Erotic Series by Mary (Part 22)

Mary ::  7.04.2013 07:04
erotic series

I could feel he was tense. If he told me to go then, I would do it immediately. I loved him.

  Join us on Facebook!   I could feel he was tense. If he told me to go then, I would do it immediately. I would not hesitate or be upset. The book had a miraculous effect on me. I would probably end up masturbating in my room. I loved him. “Take you robe off.” This sentence really got to me. I took my clothes off slowly, with a lot of care. Have I finally come to realize that I was just a whore and he was just a dirty old man? Yes, was the sweet reply. I was...Erotic Series by Mary (Part 22)

Erotic Series by Mary (Part 21)

Mary :: 31.03.2013 07:03
erotic series

He satisfied me in every possible way - vaginally, orally and even anally... I enjoyed it immensely.

  Join us on Facebook!   The hour was not yet late when he put the last log on the fireplace. “I am afraid I have to leave you now, honey. I am going to my room to finish reading the script.” Ernest was a director. His greatest passion was erotic movies of the special kind, as he called them. I did not know what he meant, but when we came to a mountain cabin for our vacation, he gave me a book – Story of ‘O’. “Read  it, you will understand better...Erotic Series by Mary (Part 21)

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