Maya with Perfect Labia (Part 1)

21.04.2013 | By: Matthew N.

Matthew can find joy everywhere, especially in his favourite place, the library.



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You wouldn’t believe how much sex there is in a library. No, I’m not talking about the books or even female librarians – the main attraction are pretty library goers. Those beauties are focused on book covers or are flipping through pages while I feast my eyes on their long legs in high heels or their plunging necklines, often much more revealing than their owner, musing over some book, is at all aware of. You can easily judge a girl on the book she picks, but combinations are more important than titles themselves. If she borrows books such as “The Feng Shui of Love and Sex” it doesn’t automatically mean that she’s looking for a guy. If she borrows a PG-rated comedy to go with it, it’s no use even trying. But if besides Feng Shui she picks something like “Men are From Mars, Women Are from Venus”, then I’ve hit the Jackpot – getting her will be a breeze.

My favorite is the self-help shelf. Women are easy prey here. They’re often quite beautiful, too, if you look at them in the right way. Just look at that pretty brunette with glasses, musing over her Feng Shui. No make up, but a very nice pair of boobs and a waistline that’s just a little too low, so that the rim of her well rounded behind peeps out of her jeans when she bends over to look at the bottom shelf.

I have a trained eye – I can spot books and I can spot women, too. “I see you’re into Feng Shui” I say with an ever-so-innocent look. She gives me a surprised look but she lets me pass her and “by accident” I brush against her well-rounded luscious bottom. These shelves are just too close together, aren’t they…? I find a large, complicated book about Fengh Shui and offer it to her. She gives me a confused smile and stops between the shelves. This time, I’m bolder – I move her slightly to the side to pass her, putting my hands on her hips. We glance into each others’ eyes, and over my carefully chosen glasses, I give her one of my most effective, slightly pleading looks. The brunette blushes and smiles shyly. “Thank you, I’ll browse around a little” she hurriedly assures me.

I hurry to my desk and when I see her coming I remove the “please step towards next desk” sign. Of course, she comes to me, blushing and wincing. It’s always great to watch the effect one pleading look has on a woman. I read her name on the library card: Maya Meadows. I stash my card with my phone number into her Feng Shui of Love and Sex along with the library card. “Bye, Maya” I give her a warm smile, and she blushes again, surprised by the greeting.

I watch her as she stalls – unwilling to leave she sits behind a desk and starts flipping through her books. I see her profile turn bright red. She found the card. A second later she’s by my desk again. Trying to keep her cool she asks; “Where’s the toilet?”

I smile on the inside when I notice her blushes, spreading to her neck and chest. I wonder what color that pale skin of her turns when she has an orgasm. I step over to her and start to explain: Turn left, then down a flight of stairs – I can go with you, I have to go the basement anyway.”


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We chat while I lead to her to the most remote toilet. I stop by the door as if wanting to say goodbye. Maya stands by the door irresolutely. I brush a strand of hair from her face and feel her tremble. Now’s the time. In a low voice I say: “Maya, you’re beautiful when you blush.” The comment is daring but she giggles and leans her head into my open palm, a bit frightened. I look into her eyes, towards her half-open lips and back into her eyes, now half closed. The kiss is sweet and her lips taste of coffee. She moans as soon as I push my tongue into her mouth. I push her through the door, without letting go of those hungry coffee-flavored lips.

She carelessly drops her bag to the floor. Wasting no time, I slide my palms under her tight black top. I undo her bra in a flash and take her top of. Dig, white boobs tremble before me. Maya is a little startled, but she soon forgets her fear when I take her dark nipple into my mouth. She gives a long, muffled wail – the sound of long-suppressed desire, I’m, sure. Only now I notice her scent – some sort of a teenage deodorant. Reminds me of my second girlfriend. Not letting myself be distracted by memories, I plunge my hand into her jeans. They’re so tight I can hardly reach her pussy. That poor thing’s trapped in these tight jeans and a synthetic thong. When I touch her, Maya wriggles. We’ll do it slowly then. First I tease her with my fingers, still dressed, while I suck on Maya’s nipples. She puts her glasses on the rim of the sink. I want to get a good feel around, before examining her pussy. Her inner lips coyly peep out of the outer labia, her clit is over sensitive and swollen, her hair’s short – she’s in the habit of shaving but has let herself go a bit. When I think about that I’m almost ready to explode-  how many has she had, I wonder, this horny little college girl?
I take off her jeans and thong – good thing she’s wearing flips flops so I don’t have to bother with shoes. I get a good look at her pussy close-up, touch her inner lips with my tongue and test how moist she is. Juicy, almost dripping! When I push two fingers up her tight cunt she bites her hand to stifle a scream. I place her white, un-tanned leg on the edge of the sink, leaving her wide open and put a condom on in a split second. I take a hold of her nicely rounded hips and slowly penetrate her. She bites my shoulder and there are tears in her eyes. Her soft boobs and hard nipples tease me even through my shirt. She’s almost sobbing now. A few thrusts and her tight and horny love hole is pulsating around my shaft. The contractions of her tight little cunt send me over the edge. I press my lips hard against her flushed breast, leaving her a plum-colored mark to remember me by.
“Thank you, Maya” I say as I do up my zipper. I leave her to get dressed and march towards the warehouse. I love being a librarian.


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