Erogenous Zones that Shouldn’t Be Ignored! (1)

23.03.2011 | By: K. Z.

If you only stimulate her main erogenous zones during sexual intercourse, you’ll hardly get an A in bed. Here's a quick course on female erogenous zones!



female Erogenous zones

The breasts are not the only female erogenous zone that deserves your attention. (PhotoXpress)


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We usually “attack” the main and most familiar erogenous zones, which are the breasts, vagina and clitoris in women, and the penis and testicles in men. Men are also often aroused by a woman’s butt, which is the object of fondling, and that’s almost it for those with less imagination. A woman’s body, however, consists of more erogenous zones

Female erogenous zones - from head to toe! 

Literally! Devote your attention to her body and use your imagination. If you’re one of those men who mainly focus on a woman’s clitoris or breasts, whatever the order, then you definitely have to read the following text. Not only it’ll enrich your sex life, but also lead your partner to unimaginable heights. You should remember, above all, that you have to listen to her body. You can begin anywhere; as an example, start at the top towards the bottom.

Female erogenous zone #1: Neck

The neck is one of the most important erogenous zones. Some women can already achieve an orgasm by being tenderly stroked on their neck and the nape of the neck. The neck is highly sensitive and you can soon find out whether or not the attention you devote to her neck pleases your partner, since she’ll get goose bumps because of your touch. First, you can only blow lightly on her skin and then shower her with tender kisses. At first, they are slow and she hardly feels them, but later they’re deeper and more passionate. You can also use your tongue, but be moderate – you wouldn’t want her to need a towel after you “finish” with her!

Female erogenous zone #2: Ears

Ear lobes are very sensitive to touch and present a sort of cliché as regards erogenous zones. It doesn’t matter. You can fondle them anyway and add a personal note to it. First, gently nibble her ear lobe and, at the same time, observe the response of your partner to such fondling. In time, ear nibbling may become more intense if you think that you have the green light for firmer grips. You can also try and blow into her ear or whisper dirty and sexy words to her. Some women become very aroused, while others remain indifferent and it may even discourage them from having sexual intercourse. Don’t be alarmed at the potential negative response of your partner. Sexual intercourse is an activity where you both constantly have to learn through the mistakes you make.

Female erogenous zone #3: Lips

Sexual intercourse can hardly be imagined without kissing. Kissing can represent an introduction to foreplay, its integral part, a part of intercourse itself and, finally, fondling after the intercourse. That’s why you have to devote your full attention to her lips. Shower her with tender kisses, passionate French kisses, nibbling, licking and sucking. There’s no limit, so use your imagination be creative!

Female erogenous zone #4: Armpits

Some people are extremely sensitive when another person touches their armpits, even to the extent that they simply can’t bear such fondling. On the other hand, there are people who feel unimaginable pleasure if that part of their body, which is often ignored, is fondled tenderly. The easiest way to determine if your darling is one of them is to fondle her armpits slowly and tenderly. If she starts laughing while you caress her, you should better try something else.

Don’t miss the second part of the article revealing other female erogenous zones you should forget about during sexual intercourse.


You can find more advice on Female Erogenous Zones in the Encyclopedia of Sexuality.



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