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Stimulate the Labia!

T. B. :: 26.04.2013 16:04
stimulate labia

The labia are one of the most neglected parts of a woman’s crotch. It would be interesting if they were a bit more in the limelight for a change.

  Join us on Facebook!   What are the labia and what is their function? There are two pairs of labia in the female crotch - inner and outer labia. Some also call them labia majora (these are supposedly the outer ones) and labia minora (they are supposed to be the inner ones), but this classification isn’t completely justified because some women have inner labia which are bigger than the outer ones. The top part of the outer labia is covered with hair and sweat...Stimulate the Labia!

Don’t Do Cunnilingus Like They Do It in Porn!

R. T. :: 18.01.2013 07:01

If you thought porn actors are good at orally pleasuring a woman, you’re very much mistaken. So how can you learn to do cunnilingus well?

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   False representation of cunnilingus The pornographic industry portrays cunnilingus in the wrong way, like a tongue pointing somewhere towards the female genitalia. Usually the tongue is nowhere near the clitoris in pornographic movies. Some men can’t ‘find their way’ around a woman’s body and wander in the dark. That’s why you may be an ideal candidate for reading one of the many guides about female genitalia. If you know, for example, that...Don’t Do Cunnilingus Like They Do It in Porn!

Sexual Advice for the Inexperienced Among Men (Part 1)

T. P. :: 21.12.2012 09:12
Advice Inexperienced Men

We present advice that is very simple and clear and should be of great help to the inexperienced.

  Join us on Facebook!   Some men subscribe to the theory that intercourse is meant for her pleasure. Our pleasure is guaranteed and comes of its own accord. Besides, we are simple, we have less erogenous zones and the only real form of pleasure is the orgasm, which is short and intense. Many men would not agree with these words, but most of them are true. The main pleasure a man derives from sex is contributing to her pleasure. But why does it have to be so...Sexual Advice for the Inexperienced Among Men (Part 1)

Suck her till an orgasm

Antonio B :: 31.10.2012 07:10
suck orgasm

We reveal a small secret that’ll help your partner explode into sheer ecstasy during and after oral sex.

  Join us on Facebook!   Grab her thighs just before an orgasm When you have oral sex with your partner, devote all your attention to the matter and use your tongue to stimulate her clitoris, inner and outer lips and the entrance to her vagina. Don’t be in a hurry. Lick her as long as she wants, until she climaxes and until she truly explodes from your naughty tongue. Just before an orgasm, that is, at the moment when you feel that she’s climaxing, grab her...Suck her till an orgasm

How to Do Foreplay in the Best Way Possible?

T. B. ::  3.10.2012 06:10
best foreplay

Read all about the mysteries of how to do foreplay in the most effective and stimulating way possible.

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   We often talk about foreplay and emphasize its importance for good sexual intercourse. But we rarely say anything about what foreplay actually is, how to carry it out, and what are the most useful tricks and approaches to doing it. Foreplay can be compared to warming up before a game. If you do not warm up properly, you cannot produce good results. Foreplay is like a five-course meal Indulge yourselves in little of everything. But do not...How to Do Foreplay in the Best Way Possible?

Make Her Love Your Fingers

Alex F. ::  5.09.2012 07:09
stimulate with fingers

Don’t miss the article on how to make her love your fingers. It’s definitely not as simple as it might seem at first glance!

  Join us on Facebook!   When gratifying someone with your fingers you should always start with wide movements, then go to a smaller area and from slower to faster pace. The stimulation should be intensified. Make her love your fingers with a three-finger combo The three finger approach is best if you’re behind her or on her. Start by forming a curve across her labia minora and majora with three fingers. The index and ring fingers should remain on the outer...Make Her Love Your Fingers

A Good Lover Must Know How to Caress a Woman!

Alex F. :: 25.07.2012 06:07

Caressing means moving about on the body which fills us with a divine feeling of erotic tenderness. Arouse her with caresses!

  Join us on Facebook!   When you touch her body, don’t leave out any part. One man said he knows when he did well after massaging and caressing his partner: “When she almost falls asleep or when she gets mad when I finish.” Ask her what kind of caresses she likes Every woman has different needs and that’s why it’s good to stick to the basic principle which states: ask her what she likes. This is accordant to the belief that every partner makes us discover new...A Good Lover Must Know How to Caress a Woman!

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