Oral sex is spread among teenagers

26.08.2008 | By: Tadej Pačnik

Is this really true or would some people like to believe it is? Read it in the article.

Many people think that American girls hardly wait to drop on their knees and orally satisfy their men.




Such opinion has been created by the news blown out of proportion on the other side of the Atlantic and the popular comedies of the American Pie-type. Oral sex is supposed to be the way out for all those who long for sex but do not want to lose virginity. Emphasis is placed on the girls who satisfy men. Oral satisfaction of girls is obviously not controversial. There is something hidden in the idea that young girls in school uniforms go on their knees and give a good “blow job”. For those who create such stories the motif is just too tempting to neglect it only because it is untrue.



Guttmacher Institut published a study. From 1991 to now, sexual behaviour of young people aged between 15 and 19 has not changed significantly. A little more than half of young girls already experienced oral sex, and only 5% more had vaginal sex. The majority of young girls therefore had normal sexual relations and only every fourth virgin experienced oral sex. To be honest, there is no point in having oral sex with different partners for the person who is offering it. Although oral sex can make sexual intercourse more thrilling, and it is good for foreplay, it can in no way replace coitus. Although teenagers a lot of times do things that are pointless, because they refuse to grow up, they want to shock, or attract attention, girls probably do not give “blow jobs” for those reasons. If they do, they do it only once.

Monica Lewinsky


For American media, obsession with oral intercourse started with Monica Lewinsky. The sales of oral sex were boosted and when politicians began hiding their oral adventures, The Washington Post published an alarming article on high school children in the suburbs of Washington. The source of information was a concerned mother who heard the story from another mother. Gossip   - said in other words. When news spread with the speed of light, the idea also spread. If you are a bored teenager, what can be better than repeat the “scandal” from the neighbouring city. You upset your parents, media have a lot of work, everybody gains something from it, and you are the most popular person in the school. Even if you made everything up. The mere possibility that something like that could be true – a girl orally satisfied five school friends in the gym after class – is the cause for “investigative” journalism.

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