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Sexuality of older siblings affects younger ones

T. B. :: 27.02.2013 07:02
Influences on sexuality of teenagers

Teenagers whose older brothers and sisters are sexually active start having sex sooner. Read more about it below!

  Join us on Facebook!   In 1993, a study was conducted in Philadelphia which included 183 pairs of brothers and sisters. It was found that those whose older brothers and sisters are already sexually active  are 2.5 more likely to start having sexual relations. On average, the age of the older ones in pairs was 17.4 years and the age of the younger ones was 15.1 years. Older siblings have a considerable influence, or even a greater influence than parents...Sexuality of older siblings affects younger ones

High school Sweethearts Statistics - Bliss and Happiness?

T. P. :: 21.11.2012 07:11
high school sweethearts statistics

What do you think are the high-school sweethearts statistics regarding their relationship bliss?

  Join us on Facebook!   High-school sweethearts statistics: Love at all costs Everyone had a sweetheart in high school. Some couples stayed together. You probably have friends who have been together since high school days. High school is the ideal ground for meeting new people and forming couples. You never again have the chance to spend so much time with such a colourful bunch of people, and you never again have so much choice. It’s also true that you are...High school Sweethearts Statistics - Bliss and Happiness?

Early Puberty Causes

J.P. ::  6.08.2012 08:08
early puberty causes

More and more girls enter the puberty before their tenth birthday, but the early puberty causes are not completely clear yet.

  Join us on Facebook!   Early puberty causes: The age difference The age at the beginning of puberty has been declining for several years. In 19th century, boys entered the puberty at 17 years of age and girls at 15, but already in 1960 the average year for the beginning of puberty was 14 years for boys and 12 years for girls. Danish scientists conducted a research in 2006 in which 1000 girls participated. They discovered that the average age for girls to...Early Puberty Causes

Teenage Sexual Intercourse Before the Age of 16 Isn't Worth It

S. K. ::  4.06.2012 07:06
sexual intercourse with 16

Teenage sexual intercourse doesn't seem such a good idea. Read about a shocking discovery of the harmful consequences of premature sex life …

  Join us on Facebook!   Teenage sexual intercourse before the age of 17 tends to be a source of regret: almost 6 out of 10 girls who had their first sexual experience before the age of 17 regret this act and believe they should have waited longer. One study conducted among girls and boys showed that almost half of those who had sexual intercourses before the age of 16 had used no means of contraception. One third of the youths between the age of 18 and 24...Teenage Sexual Intercourse Before the Age of 16 Isn't Worth It

Smart teenagers wait longer

S. M. :: 13.12.2011 06:12
IQ sexuality

Did you know that the age at which an individual has the first sexual intercourse depends heavily on intelligence quotient?

  Join us on Facebook!   Teenagers with a high IQ and those with a low IQ have sexual intercourse later than the people of the same age with an average IQ. Research on sexual habits of teenagers showed that 63.3% of students with an IQ below 70 have not yet had sexual intercourse. Likewise, 50.2% of students with an IQ between 70 and 90, 58.6% of students with an IQ between 90 and 110, and 70.3% of students with an IQ above 110. The share of students who had not...Smart teenagers wait longer

Does rap and heavy metal music trigger sexual desire in children?

T. P. ::  7.10.2011 07:10
influence of music on sex life

Many concerned parents wonder whether they should let their children go to a party.

  Join us on Facebook!   In 2001, a study was published in the USA (Pediatrics) on the influence of music on sexual activity of adolescents, in particular rap and heavy metal. The results of the study were surprising and showed that music has a strong influence on sex life of young people. These adolescents presumably start having sexual relations sooner. The share is not so important because the finding of the study triggered a number of new studies. To this...Does rap and heavy metal music trigger sexual desire in children?

Television has a strong influence on (too early) sex life of teenagers

Antonio B :: 11.05.2011 06:05
sex life teenager

A study conducted recently has shown that teenagers who watch series and films with sexual content often become pregnant too early and do things for which they are definitely too young.

  Join us on Facebook!   Increasingly more girls become pregnant because of television An American study conducted among teenagers by members of a non-profit organisation established that TV series with sexy content have a strong influence on the sex life of American youth. Furthermore, almost all young mothers regularly watched series with lascivious content, which they obviously started to imitate in real life. These series are, of course, problematic because...Television has a strong influence on (too early) sex life of teenagers

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