Blue Balls and Pink Ovaries

17.09.2012 | By: T. B.

What to make of the so-called phenomenon of “blue balls”?



blue balls

The syndrome of “pink ovaries” is just as unpleasant for women as the syndrome of “blue balls” is for men. (PhotoXpress)


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Why is the syndrome called "blue balls"?

When you are aroused and you don't reach an orgasm for whatever reason, this may result in the so-called blue balls. The syndrome of blue balls is caused by the blood which flows into your sexual organs because of arousal and stays there.

The phenomenon is called “blue balls” because of the men who first started talking about it. There is one reason in particular why men started talking about their testicles – to convince women to have sex with them. Some women gave in when they saw their suffering and were deceived by men’s words that they have to relax, or they can have permanent consequences. In fact, the testicles turn blue because the blood that stagnates in the testicles lacks oxygen.

Are "blue balls" dangerous?

In principle, the "blue balls" phenomenon doesn't cause any short-term or, for that matter, long-term consequences. And it doesn't cause troubles to men only. Female sexual organs also experience an increased blood flow in case of arousal, which causes unpleasant feelings in women if they don't achieve orgasm. A less known term used for women is “pink ovaries”.

It's something positive if blood flows into sexual organs when a person is aroused. It causes hardening of the penis in men. If blood doesn't circulate in sexual organs, men feel pain in their testicles and the latter can swell up to 50 per cent of their normal size. In women, the clitoris hardens and gets darker and the vagina swells and moistens. The problem arises if there is no blood circulation because the pressure increases the flow of blood into the organs but not out of them. The pressure created in sexual organs causes a severe pain comparable to a nasty kick in the scrotum. For women, menstrual cramps are a more suitable comparison.

Women are more likely to encounter such a problem after menopause when they release less oestrogen and they preferably start using lubricants in sexual intercourse.  

How do you cure blue balls?

Along with sexual intercourse, which is clearly the most pleasant and desired relaxation, a hand job is of course just as effective a cure for blue balls. It also helps if you just wait until you aren't aroused any more. A cold compress and cold shower are therapeutic as well. Motion will trigger blood circulation and blood in your sexual organs will probably start circulating as well. You can alleviate pain and discomfort if you lie down.

In normal circumstances, blood in sexual organs dissipates after orgasming. Even if you don't reach an orgasm, the tension only lasts from 30 minutes to an hour.


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