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Is Your Penis Bent?

T. F. :: 15.04.2013 06:04
penis bent

Peyronie's disease is usually caused by awkward injuries to the penis and has extremely unpleasant consequences, in particular in sexual intercourse.

  Join us on Facebook!   The sex problems of men are much more hidden than similar problems encountered by women who don't hesitate to visit their gynecologist. In general, we all believe that it's virtually impossible for men to come down with any kind of disease related to their sexual organs. Men are also reluctant to seek advice and professional help. However, problems with men's intimate health still exist and they affect the carrier of the disease as well...Is Your Penis Bent?

Blue Balls and Pink Ovaries

T. B. :: 17.09.2012 06:09
blue balls

What to make of the so-called phenomenon of “blue balls”?

  Join us on Facebook!   Why is the syndrome called "blue balls"? When you are aroused and you don't reach an orgasm for whatever reason, this may result in the so-called blue balls. The syndrome of blue balls is caused by the blood which flows into your sexual organs because of arousal and stays there. The phenomenon is called “blue balls” because of the men who first started talking about it. There is one reason in particular why men started...Blue Balls and Pink Ovaries

How to Perform the Self-Examination of the Testicles?

T. P. :: 16.07.2012 07:07
self-examination of the testicles

You still don’t have the habit of checking your testes? The self-examination of the testicles is vital for early detection of testicular cancer.

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   Testicular tumor In the developed countries, there are 3 to 6 new patients with testicular cancer per 100.000 men every year. The number of newly discovered patients increases every year. If your testes failed to descend into the scrotum in childhood (cryptorchism) or if you had inguinal hernia, you are 5 to 20 per cent more likely to have cancer of the testicles. There are a number of other risk factors, but research om their influences is...How to Perform the Self-Examination of the Testicles?

What Kind of Diseases Can Happen to Your Testicles?

I. M. :: 19.03.2012 06:03
testicular diseases

The testicles are a very sensitive part of the male body. Read about different types of testicular diseases.

  Join us on Facebook!   Testicular diseases: Cyst around the scrotum A cyst around the scrotum can occur at any age, but it most frequently happens with men who are over 40. When they are small, doctors usually do not take any measures because these growths are harmless. Bigger cysts that can also be painful and bothersome can also be surgically removed. The cyst usually disappears on its own. A man can feel a cyst around the scrotum when checking his...What Kind of Diseases Can Happen to Your Testicles?

Erection That Doesn't Seem to End

T. P. :: 18.07.2011 06:07

A neverending erection is no blessing, it is a serious and harmful disease called priapism. A man suffering from priapism requires immediate medical care.

  Join us on Facebook!   Priapism is a long-lasting and painful erection that one cannot control. It is not connected with sexual desire or arousal. The cause of an erection that doesn't end is damage to the outflow of blood from the penile veins, i.e. the blood in the penis is trapped and unable to return to the circulation. There may be several causes for this. Priapism can be a result of the tumor in the urethra in cancer patients, or it can be a result...Erection That Doesn't Seem to End

The 'Swollen Testicles' Syndrome

T. P. :: 10.06.2011 08:06
swollen testicles

The 'swollen testicles' syndrome is well known to guys. Girls, in case you are wondering, the pain is real!

  Join us on Facebook!   Why does the 'swollen testicles' syndrome appear? The pain and the feeling of swollen testicles appear after a long-lasting erection if there is no semen ejaculation. It usually happens when we are surprised during the act and the erection quickly subsides, the testicles become tense, then painful. The pain is similar to the one after being kicked. The pain soon disappears and should not present a threat to health. This however does...The 'Swollen Testicles' Syndrome

Have You Ever Heard of Pearly Penile Papules?

J.B. ::  4.08.2010 06:08
pearly penile papules

Pearly Penile Papules are often the cause of worries for a lot of young men. The professional expression is Hirsuties papillaris genitalis while in the past they were also called Tyson's glands.

Pearly Penile Papules - The appearance Pearly Penile Papules are small, white-yellow bumps on a penis that are actually a normal variation of the skin's appearance. Usually they are arranged in a few lines, their surface is smooth, lifted from the rest of the skin, in form of a cupola or a little thread. Most men have a small number of pearly penile papules which are smaller than 1 mm. Around 10 percent of men have numerous little papules arranged in more lines but they...Have You Ever Heard of Pearly Penile Papules?

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