What Kind of Diseases Can Happen to Your Testicles?

19.03.2012 | By: I. M.

The testicles are a very sensitive part of the male body. Read about different types of testicular diseases.



testicular diseases

In order to avoid testicular diseases you should regularly check your testicles. (PhotoXpress)


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Testicular diseases: Cyst around the scrotum

A cyst around the scrotum can occur at any age, but it most frequently happens with men who are over 40. When they are small, doctors usually do not take any measures because these growths are harmless. Bigger cysts that can also be painful and bothersome can also be surgically removed. The cyst usually disappears on its own. A man can feel a cyst around the scrotum when checking his testicles. It feels like a lump connected to the testicle with some kind of tube. This tube feels like a tight vein to the touch. The cyst is filled with fluid, it can grow individually or they can grow together.

Testicular diseases: Hydrocele

The term 'hydrocele' is of Greek origin and it means a bag of water. In our case, it describes a painless swelling of the scrotum, which is caused by fluid gathering around the testicles. Natural (primary) hydrocele is already visible from the age of 2, while secondary hydrocele most often happens to men older than 40. It is a painless formation, but it can occur as a result of injury, inflammation or infection. The only symptom of hydrocele is an increased scrotum. It can become smaller when you are lying down and increase when you are standing. The patients also sometimes describe the symptoms as a feeling of heavy testicles. When it becomes bothersome and painful, doctors pump the fluid out with the help of a local anaesthetic. The fluid usually disappears during childhood all by itself. The reason why hydrocele even happens is, of course, of key importance. It rarely occurs on both sides, it is more frequent on the right side.

Testicular diseases: Orchitis

Orchitis is an inflammation of both sides of the testicles, or just one side. This causes swelling, pain and a fever. The condition can be caused by various types of bacteria and viruses. There can also be an infection, which is treated with antibiotics. An important reason for ocrhitis is the mumps, a disease which often happens to boys after puberty. The symptoms of orchitis include swelling of the testicles, heavy feeling in the testicles, fever, secretions from the penis, there can also be pain during urination, sexual intercourse or ejaculation. In extreme cases blood can also be present in semen .You can avoid orchitis by getting a mumps shot. You can also prevent it with a condom because it can be caused by practising risky sexual intercourse. It is advisable to rest a few days.

Testicular diseases: Testicular torsion or a twisted testicle

A twisted testicle usually happens to young boys, meaning mostly teenagers, but it has been noticed on older men as well. The lower part of the stomach and the testicles are connected with veins, nerves and spermatic ducts. They form a link and this stops the flow of blood into the testicles during torsion because the tubes literally twist around even several times. Swelling and strong pain occurs in the testicles and it can even transfer to the lower part of the stomach. A doctor must place the testicle back into its right position and attach it with a stitch to prevent another twist from occurring. Medical assistance is urgent is such a case because an untreated twisted testicle can cause irreparable damage to the testicle and it has to be removed. Torsion is also sometimes called ‘winter syndrome’ because it is more frequent during the winter, when it is cold outside. That’s why it’s not wise for men to quickly exchange warm spaces for cold ones because the scrotum and its interior is relaxed in a warm space, but in the cold contracting occurs. If a twist happens in between, the contracting from the cold may trap the testicle in this position.


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