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Miriam and the Glass Dildo (Part 19)

Miriam :: 28.10.2012 07:10
erotic story

Three candidates step up. Which one will make Miriam cum?

  Join us on Facebook!   With a strawberry in my yearning pussy and a basketfull of strawberries in my hands, I get back to the kitchen just in time to catch what seems to me like a scene in slow motion. I see Willard gently moving Donatella’s hair from the back of her neck as she’s making the dough for the pizza. He’s standing close behind her, while the bulge between his legs slightly touches her butt-cheeks without pressing against them. Her butt looks hot in...Miriam and the Glass Dildo (Part 19)

Miriam remains unsatisfied (part 18)

Miriam :: 21.10.2012 07:10
erotic story

On a hot summers’ day our trio meets again, but no one wants to satisfy poor Miriam. She needs something bigger.

  Join us on Facebook!   A sunny Saturday morning and I’ve got some errands to run for work. I smile to myself, naughtily, and hum like Pooh the bear while I stuff my bag with a towel and suntan into the car. My humming is interrupted by a handsome guy who  plants himself right in front of me. "Where to, gorgeous?" He asks with his morning voice. “Erm – I have to run some errands for work?” I try half-heartedly. “Really?” answers Boris and points to my big...Miriam remains unsatisfied (part 18)

Miriam Lusts for Hot and Sweaty Ariana (Part 17)

Miriam :: 14.10.2012 07:10
erotic story

Miriam loves Pilates. But that’s not the only physical activity she enjoys.

      Join us on Facebook!   The summer is closing in and Ariana’s really nuts about us both getting into shape. I throw her a sulky look but she jumps in before I can say anything at all: “Pilates honey, Pilates!” A wee bit disappointed, I head off to her place, dressed in tights and a tiny tank top, with my training mat in tow. Ariana opens the door, wearing mini shorts, revealing even more skin then myself. “Why would she need to get in shape,” I...Miriam Lusts for Hot and Sweaty Ariana (Part 17)

Miriam Experiences a Tit Rub Orgasm (Part 16)

Miriam ::  7.10.2012 07:10
erotic story

Miriam and Buford get all steamy from reading and Buford fulfils one of his fantasies. Or was it a pair?

  Join us on Facebook!   I unbutton my blouse while Buford is devouring me with his burning eyes. I take off my see-through bra and get up to remove my jeans. Buford takes off my other shoe then puts his palm over the button and zipper of my jeans, preventing from taking them off. He starts to caress my fingers, which is fun, yet doesn’t make me feel that excited. Not at first at least. But then his kisses turn more sensual and moist. He starts to lick between...Miriam Experiences a Tit Rub Orgasm (Part 16)

Miriam – the sex instructor! (part 15)

Miriam :: 30.09.2012 07:09
erotic story

Brian is angry with Miriam and the whole world. Miriam knows how to ease the tension with drastic measures.

  Join us on Facebook!   Brian hasn’t called me in a long time to arrange for some tutoring. Fine by me, I thought to myself, but then  his mother called me. “I don’t know what’s come over our Brian,” she complained. “But if you don’t tutor him, he won’t pass his final exam.” I wasn’t sure that was really the case, but I agree after the persuasion of his worried mother. Brian’s angelic sister opens the door. She chats with me pleasantly and offers to...Miriam – the sex instructor! (part 15)

Another threesome for Miriam (part 14)

Miriam :: 23.09.2012 07:09
erotic story

Brian, the handsome pupil, comes to Bob’s assistance when it comes to gratifying Miriam.

  Join us on Facebook!   I can’t believe I haven’t come yet with all of this going on! Bob is lying on the couch like a happy cat and is very lazily caressing my completely naked body.  “What are we going to do with you,”  he purrs and slowly spreads my legs. He’s sliding on the inner side of my thighs with his fingertips, so that I feel weak at the knees. I’m aroused from before and when he touches my soaked pussy, I feel shivers throughout my body. I...Another threesome for Miriam (part 14)

Unexpected double penetration (part 13)

Miriam :: 16.09.2012 07:09
erotic story

Miriam is interrupted by the doorbell when watching the homemade porn. Who could it be and what could they want?

  Join us on Facebook!   “Oh, how beautiful they are,” I sigh with enchantment and click the play button again. I surrender to the passion when I’m watching. I’m not touching myself because delay increases the desire and the pleasure which happens when gratification occurs. Just when I start touching myself, the doorbell rings. I pause the porn while cursing and breathe in deeply a few times before opening the door. Bob is leaning against the frame of the...Unexpected double penetration (part 13)

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