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Unforgettable Sexual Pleasures with a Pillow

I. M. :: 30.04.2013 07:04
Sexual Pleasures Pillow

If you thought that a pillow is only used to provide a good night’s sleep, you were very much mistaken.

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   Raised missionary position Missionary position provides many pleasures because the man’s pubic bone is pushing against the clitoris and thus increases the stimulation of the vagina. However, if you’re tired of the standard missionary position, here’s some advice to help you spice it up a bit. A woman should place a pillow underneath her back and thus raise her hips and pelvis. The partner should kneel down from a lying position and bend his...Unforgettable Sexual Pleasures with a Pillow

Reach Orgasm with Hot Wax!

A. B. :: 14.11.2012 07:11
hot wax

Let there be no mistake, we are not talking about wax depilation, but about dripping wax off a candle. Such wax can be an interesting and exciting addition to foreplay and the intercourse itself.

  Join us on Facebook!   Start by dripping wax onto the nipples Before starting, you should check your partner’s pain barrier. It is not good to turn pleasure into suffering. The nipples are the most appropriate place to drip wax onto on the woman’s body. If it feels good to her, you can also try the behind, back, stomach and perhaps even the crotch, where you have to be careful with the clitoris because it will not respond well to heat. You can drip the wax...Reach Orgasm with Hot Wax!

Have you ever tried to masturbate with a melon?

T. B. :: 19.09.2012 08:09
masturbation with melon

No? Why don't you try today? Some say it is even better than artificial vagina. This is how you do it...

  Join us on Facebook!   Summer is finally gone, but the memories remain. Some still long for the succulent watermelons and melons – the sweet juice dripping from their mouths. This time we give you some advice on how to use fruit for some solo fun. A melon instead of a vagina Melons are often a synonym for female breasts. But melons are not only a possible stimulant for the eyes and hormones, a melon can also be a fun and effective accessory if you want to...Have you ever tried to masturbate with a melon?

Interesting Masturbation Ways

Z. J. :: 25.03.2011 07:03
ways of masturbating

When people don’t have an apple pie handy to stick their “tool” into it, they grab something else that does the trick. Take a look at a few interesting ways of masturbating.

  Join us on Facebook!   Ways of masturbating: Bananas This time, bananas won't be seen as a potential dildo but rather as an artificial vagina. You cut off the top, put some strong duck tape around it, you hollow the banana out, make a hole on the other side, and voila! Some recommend the use of a lubricant, while others claim that a banana is slippery enough by itself. You can also pour some warm water into it to add to the pleasure. An individual I know said...Interesting Masturbation Ways

How about a homemade sex toy?

K. S. ::  9.03.2011 08:03
a homemade sex toy

Have you ever thought about adding something extra to your sex life? A sex toy maybe, but you were just a bit to shy to buy one?

  Join us on Facebook!   If it had ever crossed your mind to give a sex toy a chance but you just couldn’t overcome your inhibitions and buy one, then we have a solution for you. How about a homemade sex toy? The sex toy industry may be thriving but is it really capable of satisfying every single sexual whim? To each his own, as they say!  We shall do our best to encourage you to try out a homemade sex toy. With a homemade sex toy you will know exactly what...How about a homemade sex toy?

Use Eco-Friendly Erotic Toys!

T. B. :: 13.12.2010 16:12
eco erotic toys

Have you ever considered how much garbage we can create during intercourse? We have put together some advice on ecological sexuality.

  Eco-friendly erotic toys People who want a clean environment don't need to abstain from dirty sexual intercourse. It was only a matter of time before eco erotic toys started appearing on the shelves. So, now you can buy eco erotic toys that aren’t made out of plastic and therefore won't take hundreds of generations to degrade. A long-lasting erotic toy is a big bonus, but is this the legacy we want to leave our grandchildren? A whole bunch of used dildos? If you...Use Eco-Friendly Erotic Toys!

Use Ginger for Anal Pleasure

T. P. :: 25.05.2010 05:05
use ginger

Ginger’s healing qualities have been known for centuries. We can also use ginger as a sexual accessory. Curious?

In some countries, ginger is not all that popular. In America they make beer out of it, in ancient Rome they used it in beauty salons. Man’s ingenuity knows no boundaries, therefore we know of two ways how to use ginger when it comes to sexual matters. It is hard to understand how someone thought of this, but you never know until you try it. Use ginger as a daring anal accessory We get a fresh ginger root, carefully peel it, grind it and use ginger as an anal...Use Ginger for Anal Pleasure

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