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Prepare a Homemade Lubricant for Masturbation!

T. P. ::  2.04.2013 06:04
home-made lubricant

Check out some simple recipes to make a home-lubricant!

  Join us on Facebook!   Homemade lubricant recipe number 1 Mix the following ingredients: 1 teaspoon of baby oil, 2 spoons of cream for intensive hand care, 2 spoons of facial cream, 3 spoons of Aloe Vera and one spoon of a cream for quick pain relief (mosquito bites, small scratches, etc.). Mix this up and put it on the penis, testicles and anus. Put the rest of it on your hands. We recommend you masturbate in the shower because it can get really messy...Prepare a Homemade Lubricant for Masturbation!

Lubricants Inhibit Conception

T. B. ::  3.09.2012 06:09
lubricants pregnancy

Lubricants often make sexual intercourse easier. But what is the effect of lubricants on conception?

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   Lubricants create an unpleasant environment for sperm Lubricants create a pleasant environment for easier lovemaking, which makes them increasingly more popular. Naturally, all that glitters isn’t gold. Lubricants may prevent sperm cells to conquer an egg, or at least make their journey very difficult. Instead of travelling rapidly to the egg, sperm cells stay in an unpleasant environment that slowly weakens them. Therefore, how do you use...Lubricants Inhibit Conception

Is It Healthy to Use a Lubricant?

Z. J. :: 14.05.2012 06:05
use lubricant

The use of a lubricant can also have an adverse effect on your body and make your problems even worse …

  Join us on Facebook!   The main culprit for increased dryness of the vagina is a drop in hormone levels, particularly estrogen, after childbirth, during breastfeeding and menopause. Low hormone levels are also often caused by certain drugs, including the contraceptive pill. In case of vaginal dryness, sexual intercourse is unpleasant and sometimes even painful. As a result of increased friction, it’s much more likely that the mucus layer will be ruptured, so...Is It Healthy to Use a Lubricant?


Hand lotion ripping condoms

S. M. :: 27.04.2012 07:04
hand lotion ripping condoms

Read why hand lotion rips condoms and what it’s wise to use instead.

  Join us on Facebook!   Many simply use hand lotion as moisturiser when having a condom on, but experts strongly advise against it. Dr. Bruce Voeller, founder of the Mariposa foundation, proved that men whose condoms regularly rip used regular hand lotion. Almost all types of hand lotion contain some kind of oil. Oil is what starts destroying the latex at first contact. When you use a condom, the moisturizer should therefore be water-based. We therefore advise...Hand lotion ripping condoms

Why Do We Use Lubricants?

T. B. :: 14.11.2011 06:11
use lubricants

Do you use lubricants just because you do not want to waste time with foreplay?

  Join us on Facebook!   Who is meant to use lubricants? At first lubricants were mainly used for medicinal purposes, meaning they were used by women in menopause, by breastfeeding women and women recovering from cancer, i.e. women who had problems with lubrication. Then gays started using them in anal intercourse and they also proved useful for lesbians in reducing friction. Who uses lubricants? Demand has increased markedly. Of course, supply has responded...Why Do We Use Lubricants?


How to Choose the Best Sex Lubricant for Your Pleasure?

Kathy M. :: 19.07.2011 08:07
best sex lubricant

The answer to this question may not appear that complicated, but it won’t do you any harm if you read on and find out more about choosing the best sex lubricant for your pleasure.

  Join us on Facebook!   Sex lubricants are possibly the most overlooked and the  least talked about sex aids of them all. It's true that they are sometimes perceived as medical aids since they come in handy in cases of vaginal drought. But the  best sex lubricants  also  make sex more interesting and more fun to boot. There are many kinds of sex lubrication products, such as edible lubes that taste like different kinds of fruit, or lubes...How to Choose the Best Sex Lubricant for Your Pleasure?


Be Careful with Different Types of Lubricants

Sašo Stojanov :: 27.11.2009 11:11
types of lubricants

There are things you should know about different types of lubricants before you spice up your sex life with a lube. For example, if you use latex condoms, you should definitely go for a water-based lubricant and avoid oil. You are also advised to stay away from products that contain nonoxynol-9 or silicon.

-    You should always keep in mind the possibility that any new product might not suit you or your partner. Some women are so sensitive that changing the toilet paper or soap can result in a vaginal infection. They should be especially careful with various types of lubricants on the market. -    Don’t forget: oil and latex aren't really compatible. Oil in any form is a deadly enemy of latex condoms and often causes them to break. Therefore...Be Careful with Different Types of Lubricants

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