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40 Years without Orgasm

I. M. ::  8.04.2013 06:04
life without orgasm

Is that even possible? Of course it’s possible. The condition is called anorgasmia.

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   What is anorgasmia? Although films show orgasm as something that occurs in sexual intercourse every single time, the picture can be slightly different in real life. The topic of anorgasmia was presented in quite a few documentaries where even mature women reveal that they have never experienced an orgasm in their life. Orgasm depends on several factors. It occurs under the influence of a complex reaction to physical, emotional and...40 Years without Orgasm

What to Do When She Doesn’t Come?

A. B. :: 22.02.2012 06:02
when she doesn’t come

Many women can’t reach an orgasm during intercourse. Check what you can do to finally make her come.

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   She should tell you what feels good to her A woman has to be very specific and clear when she tells her man what she likes during intercourse. If she doesn’t do that, there’s a big problem because the man will be trying things the wrong way and he’ll be pushing the wrong buttons. If a woman can reach an orgasm when she’s alone, she can also reach one with a man, especially if she does very similar things and is able to relax enough. The man...What to Do When She Doesn’t Come?

Why Are Some Women Never Able to Achieve Orgasm?

A. B. :: 12.12.2011 06:12

Psychogenic anorgasmia is the term used to describe a woman’s inability to achieve any form of orgasm with her partner.

  Join us on Facebook!   With anorgasmia even clitoral stimulation doesn’t help In the event of the most extreme form of psychogenic anorgasmia, even clitoral stimulation doesn’t help a woman to achieve an orgasm, either while masturbating or during sexual intercourse. To avoid any misunderstanding, we aren’t talking about a woman who’s shy and embarrassed, but a woman who experiments wih her body and is still unable to achieve the climax. Such a woman can’t...Why Are Some Women Never Able to Achieve Orgasm?

Why Has Her Orgasm Suddenly Disappeared?

I. M. :: 26.12.2010 16:12

When one of the segments is missing during sexual intercourse, the orgasm can simply disappear. So, how to get it back?

A decrease in the level of arousal makes the orgasm disappear It sometimes happens that the level of arousal can decrease with both men and women in an instant and all the desire of continuing the sexual activity is gone. In most cases, the sudden drop in arousal happens to women because some women experience sexuality in a more complex way than men. While this problem is exhibited in the loss of the erection with men, the amount of moisture is decreased and the orgasm...Why Has Her Orgasm Suddenly Disappeared?

How to Recognise Orgasmic Disorder?

K. Z. :: 25.07.2010 08:07
Orgasmic disorder

It shouldn’t be taken for granted that everyone can reach an orgasm as the pinnacle of their sexual enjoyment – some men and women suffer from orgasmic disorder.

Difficulty reaching orgasm is also called orgasmic disorder and usually means that you can’t reach an orgasm or it takes a very long time to reach it. Male orgasmic disorder also means that a man ejaculates too quickly during sexual intercourse. Orgasmic disorder is also described in cases of less strong and intense orgasms, or when an orgasm is accompanied by pain. Despite some common characteristics, male orgasmic disorder differs in certain segments from female orgasmic...How to Recognise Orgasmic Disorder?

A New Technique for Solving Orgasm Problems!

A. B. :: 20.07.2010 12:07
orgasm problem

It is a common myth that a strong orgasm can be reached only with wild sexual intercourse. But the technique that we present in the article solves problems in a different and more relaxed way!

Orgasm problems can be solved with an ordinary intercourse Many people who have problems with orgasm are convinced that a strong orgasm can be reached only with wild and passionate intercourse, where partners do something really special. This is of course not true because a couple can reach an orgasm with a completely simple intercourse in a missionary position. If a couple wants to reach a relaxed orgasm one of the partners usually has to be completely passive and the...A New Technique for Solving Orgasm Problems!

Do You Reach An Orgasm?

A. B. :: 27.06.2010 18:06
reach an orgasm

Many women do not reach an orgasm because they feel too much pressure and they think they have to reach an orgasm with every sexual intercourse.

  If you want to reach an orgasm do not let it be the ultimate goal It is a known fact that you have to learn how to reach an orgasm. It is also known that many women still have problems with it. That is exactly why we want to talk about one of the major reasons why this happens. Some women need more and some women need less time to reach an orgasm. There are also different types of orgasm; some reach it simply by being orally pleasured, others only when being...Do You Reach An Orgasm?

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