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The device against masturbation

S. K. ::  2.05.2013 07:05
device against masturbation

A simple way to prevent a teenager from wanking... Make him wear this!

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   Masturbation was seen not so long ago as unhealthy, unnatural, fiendish and lots of other bad things. The cause of any disease in the 18th, 19th and 20th could be ascribed to masturbation. If a patient was suffering from schizophrenia or any other mental illness, wanking was definitely to blame for the madness! The wise people of the time came up with many “true stories” about the bad consequences of masturbating, with which they would...The device against masturbation

Watch him masturbate with an artificial vagina

Izabela M :: 13.02.2013 07:02
masturbation with artificial vagina

Do you want to spice up your sexuality? Your erotic games can involve another ...

  Join us on Facebook!   …vagina An artificial vagina is not only a good accessory for male masturbation, but it also works well when a couple wants to spice up the sexual adventures a bit. It’s available in all sorts of shapes, from flashlight all the way to vaginas who almost look and feel like they were real and the ones where you also have the female bottom, besides the labia. Some vaginas, therefore, also enable you to practice anal intercourse. The most...Watch him masturbate with an artificial vagina

The Best Artificial Vagina in the World!

T. P. ::  6.07.2012 06:07
artificial vagina

We have waited and lived to see – an artificial vagina that offers you the first virtual sexual encounter with a woman of your choice.

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   RealTouch - an artificial vagina RealTouch is an artificial vagina, but this isn’t just another regular artificial vagina that you see in erotic shops. It is the latest product of an ex NASA engineer who combined his knowledge and modern technology and thus created the world’s first “real” vagina. And what makes this product so different from others? RealTouch is a package where you receive a beautifully and elegantly designed device that...The Best Artificial Vagina in the World!

An aid to delay male ejaculation

S. K. :: 10.02.2012 06:02
delay ejaculation

Remote control for men. Hmmm, sounds good, doesn't it?

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   Unfortunately, it can’t control your man to buy you flowers or cook you dinner. The remote control called Stud Strap delays male ejaculation until you are both ready for an orgasm. It is a device which delays male ejaculation, needs no batteries and can be used repeatedly. Premature ejaculation is a problem that a lot of men face. If you are not exactly practicing tantrum, the possibility of a long-lasting sex is extremely small. Stud Strap...An aid to delay male ejaculation

The Best Oral Sex Toys for Men

L.S. ::  7.01.2011 16:01
oral sex toys

We present a list of the best oral sex toys for men. They will help you to spice up your love life!

1. Super Head Honcho Super Head Honcho is an oral sex toy made out of flexible and waterproof material. If you want a really good oral job, then you must add this toy to your list of oral sex toys. 15 centimeters long neck with three sucking levels reaches deep down to your testicles and it brings you closer to orgasm with every minute that passes.  2.    Devinn’s Vibrating Seduction If you want your oral sex toy to look and feel...The Best Oral Sex Toys for Men

Ecstasy with an Erection Ring!

A. V. :: 19.07.2010 06:07
penis erection ring

Do you want to feel heavenly and share the experience? Read about the soft and elastic version of the metal and leather penis erection rings. Try them out!

How does a penis erection ring work? A penis erection ring uses a hydraulic principle. Because of stimulation, the blood flows to the penis and fills it up. The force of gravity and the easing of pleasant feelings make the blood flow out of it again. The penis erection ring has only a temporary effect. It shuts down all the veins down the side of an erected penis, through which the blood goes to and from the penis. This makes the erection harder and longer. When...Ecstasy with an Erection Ring!

A Toy for a Man’s Amazing Orgasm

S. J. ::  9.04.2010 16:04
man's orgasm

Guys, read how to get to an unforgettable orgasm like you have never had before with the help of a simple sex toy!

The key to an unforgettable male orgasm is hidden in an apparently innocent sex toy, which visually reminds us more of a sexual accessory for the ladies. It is an anal prostate stimulator, which stimulates the prostate with its unique shape both from the inside and the outside. This can get a man to extremely intense orgasms. The accessory has the shape of a wavier letter T. The main - the inserted - part is smooth and blunt, the body has more folds...A Toy for a Man’s Amazing Orgasm

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