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Sexual Preferences of Astrological Signs

Z. J. ::  7.11.2012 06:11
astrological signs

Do you want to know how to seduce a certain astrological sign? Read on and you will find out!

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   Aries (March 21 – April 20) Let them know you admire them. Don’t tell them what to do, but don’t agree with everything they say – this really bores them. They like to dominate, intercourse with them is often rough, fast, but very exciting. Make them hot by massaging their scalp or by nibbling their earlobes. Taurus (April 21 – May 21) It’s very good to follow the saying that a way to people’s hearts is through their stomachs. Be witty and...Sexual Preferences of Astrological Signs

10 Tricks for Better Intercourse!

Alex F. :: 24.10.2012 07:10
better intercourse

The usual things happen during intercourse, but they can often put us off our stride. Well, we’re exaggerating ... Read the tricks for better intercourse!

  Join us on Facebook!   1. Trick for better intercourse: When a woman says “this feels good” or something like “you’re the best”, men often speed up their actions or increase the pressure. She may get the feeling you are rushing her, which will totally ruin the slow increase of pleasure. You have to allow the woman to surrender to pleasure – that is the only way it will increase. And when she says “more”, you should definitely stick to what you are doing. 2....10 Tricks for Better Intercourse!

Become the best female lover in the world (Part 2)

Antonio B :: 10.10.2012 06:10
best female lover in the world

In the second part of our tips we continue with some useful tricks which will make you feel like the best partners in the world.

  Join us on Facebook!   Take time for yourselves Women have many things on their minds, especially if they’re parents and if they have a difficult job. After a hard day, when you have to take care of your son and daughter at home and clean the apartment, make dinner and iron your husband’s shirts (this is a cliché which isn’t necessarily always true), the desire for sex and a transformation into a sexual goddess is naturally not possible. That’s why we’re...Become the best female lover in the world (Part 2)

Become the best female lover in the world! (Part 1)

Antonio B :: 10.10.2012 06:10
best female lover

Our short tips will turn you into the best female lover in the world and drive your man crazy.

  Join us on Facebook!   Change positions All people have their own favourite sexual positions, but don’t be boring and stick just to one. Always try something new and daring. You don’ have to do the Kama Sutra if you’re not nimble enough. It’s enough to avoid the standard and sometimes boring missionary position and surprise your man with something a bit naughtier. Let’s not forget that you can reach an orgasm in any position if you try and don’t give up too...Become the best female lover in the world! (Part 1)

Daring activity for better intercourse! Part 2

Antonio B :: 22.08.2012 07:08
better intercourse

In this second chapter of short and naughty advice to improve your sexual life, we will again show you some spicy moves you may have forgotten.

  Join us on Facebook!   Don’t stall with seduction Sex is a game that has to be played in an order that makes sense. This is a game that can’t be interrupted and you can’t do a so-called cold shower, with which we turn our partners away from the basic idea. So, dear ladies, don’t forget that you have the possibility of seduction in your hands most of the time. Your gestures and clothing can be an ideal opportunity to seduce your men. When you come home, jump...Daring activity for better intercourse! Part 2

Eroticise your life!

Z. J. ::  6.06.2012 06:06
more erotic

Make small changes that’ll fill your everyday life with eroticism.

  Join us on Facebook!   Begin your day in a sexy and celebrity way Wake up naked, even if you sleep alone. This means you have to go to bed naked. This may be difficult at first for those who feel cold: you can start with summer pajamas, then take everything off except your sexy underwear and finally slip out of that as well and only keep a few drops of your favorite perfume in the style of Marilyn Monroe. When someone asks you what your favorite thing to...Eroticise your life!

4 Things That Every Woman Should Know About Men

A. B. :: 30.05.2012 06:05
Every Woman Should Know About Men

There may be things that you don’t know, but you should, or you sometimes forget them. So, it’s good that you’re reminded.

  Join us on Facebook!   1. Thing that every woman should know about men: Urine retention A woman who knows her body in detail is well aware that urine retention enables her to have better sex and to feel more aroused. That’s why she doesn’t go to the toilet, but has sex while she feels the need to go to the toilet. Of course, she has to be in a position that doesn’t exert too much pressure on her bladder and thus cause an unpleasant situation. In that way,...4 Things That Every Woman Should Know About Men

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