Priest Blesses Striptease Bar

18.05.2010 | By: T. P.

Father Nikolaj thought he was blessing premises for practicing ballet but instead he blessed a striptease bar.



Russian strippers get to dance in a blessed striptease bar.

Russian strippers get to dance in a blessed striptease bar.


Blessing a striptease bar obviously works.

A Russian priest was mislead into an awful and shameful act for him. He thought that he blessed the future premises of a ballet school, when in fact he blessed a striptease bar. On top of everything, the solemn event was also broadcast by the local television. The spokesperson of the Studio 74 (the striptease club) said: “Ever since the priest performed the holy ceremony on our premises, the clients claim that there is a completely different atmosphere in the club. There are increasingly more people coming to the club. The blessing obviously works.”


The local church is appalled and it accuses owners of misleading the priest. The owners of the club deny all the accusations about any sort of lying. Now the God’s blessing keeps watch over the striptease bar and its dancers. Perfect!


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