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50 greatest pick-up lines to impress women

JP ::  9.11.2012 06:11
pick-up lines

…that probably won’t help you get her into your bed, but they’ll still make you laugh.

  Join us on Facebook!   There are thousands of original pick-up lines to use on women. Here are the 50 most interesting ones.  If you have a great pick-up line, share it with us.1.    I know someone who finds you very attractive. If I weren’t so shy, I’d tell you who he is. 2.    Can I buy you a drink or should I just give you the money? 3.    Are you religious? [Why?] Because you’re the answer to all my...50 greatest pick-up lines to impress women

How to Get Her into Your Bed in Half an Hour? (Part 2)

T. P. :: 20.04.2011 09:04
how to seduce her quickly

Our second article on the topic focuses on finding the right location for intercourse and everything else you have to consider.

  Join us on Facebook!   First kiss – action! We suppose you passed the first part of the assignment - the mission of finding a woman and persuade her to immediately venture into your bed - with flying colors. You got her attention, she’s dancing with you on the dance floor or is sitting close to you in a corner of the bar. There’s tension in the air and butterflies in the stomach. You both already know that a kiss will turn this into a night of wild passion,...How to Get Her into Your Bed in Half an Hour? (Part 2)

How to Get Her into Your Bed in Half an Hour? (Part 1)

T. P. :: 20.04.2011 09:04
get woman into your bed

How to seduce a woman and get her into your bed in half an hour? Start improving your pick up techniques now!

    Join us on Facebook!   Preparation and the process of choosing the target So, how to get a woman into your bed in just half an hour? This is a tough assignment with no room for mistake. Preparations have to be made in the slightest detail. The first thing to do is to pick the place and the occasion. There are two extreme options that are best. The first is a terribly boring party, where the girl can’t wait for something to happen. The second is an...How to Get Her into Your Bed in Half an Hour? (Part 1)

Priest Blesses Striptease Bar

T. P. :: 18.05.2010 07:05
striptease bar

Father Nikolaj thought he was blessing premises for practicing ballet but instead he blessed a striptease bar.

Blessing a striptease bar obviously works. A Russian priest was mislead into an awful and shameful act for him. He thought that he blessed the future premises of a ballet school, when in fact he blessed a striptease bar. On top of everything, the solemn event was also broadcast by the local television. The spokesperson of the Studio 74 (the striptease club) said: “Ever since the priest performed the holy ceremony on our premises, the clients claim that there is a...Priest Blesses Striptease Bar

Build Him a Penis Shrine!

T. P. :: 16.02.2010 12:02
penis shrine

If you chronically lack innovative ideas for gifts, build your partner his own penis shrine! You will definitely amuse him.

We men love the idea that our sweethearts love our penis and find it special, that they consider it unique and that they aren't interested in any other one. The easiest way to show your man that you feel this is by building him a small, lovely penis shrine.  A penis shrine should include: a naked picture of the shrine ownera picture of an erected and soft penisa picture of you (the penis shrine's owner's partner) holding his penis or giving it an oral...Build Him a Penis Shrine!

Your butt holds many answers

S. K. :: 19.08.2009 06:08
Your butt holds many answers

One look at a person’s buttocks is supposed to reveal the character of an individual. Read more about it...

The buttock can tell more about a person than you think. This time we have prepared a humorous buttock fortune telling for you or your partner. From the shape of the ass and its other characteristics you will know what the future holds and what kind of person you are dealing with. It is just a bit of harmless fun, there is no real truth in it: A woman’s behind is one of the sexiest parts of a body to men and many women find men’s behinds just as attractive....Your butt holds many answers

“I can’t get it up because of my wife’s nagging”

Intimate Medicine ::  1.12.2008 06:12
“I can’t get it up because of my wife’s nagging”

An Italian filed a suit against his wife for a considerable amount of euros, because she has left him impotent.

Sergio Vinucci, from Parma, dragged his wife to court. He claims that her constant nagging has left him impotent and he even backed it up with medical evidence. Stress in fact causes temporary impotence. He is demanding €174,000 in compensation for leaving him unable to perform. The poor guys said: “All she ever does is complain. It is extremely stressful and it has left me unable to be a man. I want some compensation.” I would only like to add that he could kill two...“I can’t get it up because of my wife’s nagging”

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