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Are Men Really More Horny Than Women?

A. B. :: 24.04.2013 07:04
more horny

Is the belief that men think of sex more often than women true, or is it just a cliché?

  Join us on Facebook!   Romantic women and perverted men The answer of men to the question about the connection between romance and sex would probably be completely different than the answer of women. Men would say without hesitation that they love sex, while women would almost certainly link it to emotions and a serious relationship. That is at least the assumption of author Susan Selinger. Dr. Eva Ritvo, the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and...Are Men Really More Horny Than Women?

How to find out what a random woman’s pussy looks like?

T. P. ::  7.03.2013 07:03
vagina looks like

Check how you can find out what your neighbour’s, your sexy acquaintance’s, your friend’s vagina looks like?

  Join us on Facebook!   The vagina similarities Men are always interested in what the vagina of a passing beauty looks like. The most well-known theory says that a vagina looks like the lips. The make up is used precisely because a woman can highlight the similarity between her genitalia and the mouth. But such theories remain short-lived urban myths. Edwin Gregg chose the systematic approach. He rejected the lips theory and chose the female ear as the...How to find out what a random woman’s pussy looks like?

Left-handed people are homosexually orientated

T. B. :: 17.01.2013 07:01
left-handed homosexual

Is the left hand really a sign of homosexual orientation of an individual?

  Join us on Facebook!   Homosexual people are more likely to be left-handed writers According to all the (im)possible theories about the cause of homosexual orientation, we found another interesting information. Kenneth Zucker, Martin L. Lalumière and Ray Blanchard, researchers at the University of Toronto, concluded that there is a connection between sexual orientation and the hand with which you write. Homosexually orientated people more often write with...Left-handed people are homosexually orientated

The Longest Clitoris

T. P. ::  2.01.2013 07:01
longest clitoris

The clitoris can grow to surprising sizes. So, how long is the longest clitoris in the world?

  Join us on Facebook!   Some societies across the world have spent more attention on the clitoris than others. On the Easter Islands they even tried to make it artificially longer. In most countries, a negative stance towards sexuality is to blame for the lack of knowledge on clitoris sizes. Theo Lang describes in his book "The Difference Between a Man and a Woman" some women, whose clitoris is  2 to 3 inches long when erected. Clitorises longer than an...The Longest Clitoris

Record dad

S. K. ::  2.10.2012 08:10
record dad

Do not miss how many children the father had...

  Join us on Facebook!   In the time when the developed world is threatened by too low birth rate, we like to remember the times when such problems did not yet exist. Moulay Ismail Ibn Sharif is the father with the record number of children. In the 17th century, Ibn Sharif had more than 500 women in his harem and 1042 children! Apart from warfare, Sharif spent most of the time with his family. He was present at more than 500 marriages and attended the birth of...Record dad

European men on marriage

Max M. :: 21.09.2012 06:09
men marriage

Among other things, you can also read about how many men truly believe they will spend the rest of their life with their wife.

  Join us on Facebook!   Let us take a look at what kinds of husbands the European men make. In a research which included 20,000 men, 60 percent of them see marriage as the highest form of partnership between a man and a woman, so marriage should not be something you do too soon and definitely not before the age of thirty. The same percentage of unmarried men also believes that they will never split with their partner, while only 13 percent of married men...European men on marriage

10 Biggest Myths About Sex

Alex F. :: 31.08.2012 06:08
myths about sex

You may find the things that people believe in are funny. You might even believe one of these myths about sex?!

  Join us on Facebook!   Myth about sex #1: She can't get pregnant during menstruation In principle, a woman can get pregnant only one day a month, but because sperms live for up to five days, there is no guarantee that she won’t get pregnant during menstruation. Myth about sex #2: Men can't experience multiple orgasms Even though this is mostly female territory (approximately 30% of women experience it), there are some lucky men who have reported about...10 Biggest Myths About Sex

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