Your butt holds many answers

19.08.2009 | By: S. K.

One look at a person’s buttocks is supposed to reveal the character of an individual. Read more about it...




The buttock can tell more about a person than you think. This time we have prepared a humorous buttock fortune telling for you or your partner. From the shape of the ass and its other characteristics you will know what the future holds and what kind of person you are dealing with. It is just a bit of harmless fun, there is no real truth in it:


A woman’s behind is one of the sexiest parts of a body to men and many women find men’s behinds just as attractive.




A man with a firm muscular behind is most likely a stallion in bed. A woman with a small round bottom is sexually very active, but unkind.


Symmetric folds underneath the behind indicate a reliable and calm individual, while asymmetric folds indicate a greedy and selfish person. Women with a square bottom are very kind, they make good wives and mothers.




People whose left buttock is smaller than the right must get married as soon as possible because they will become very ill if they stay single. Those whose right buttock is smaller than the left will live a life of misery.


If a person has dark hair and red hair around the bottom, it means the person is extremely smart. Marks on the upper parts of the buttocks indicate courageous and passionate people. Those who have marks between the two buttocks will have an exceptional sex life.


You can read more about the butt horoscope at:



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