Erotic Series by Mary (Part 9)

6.01.2013 | By: Mary

The Turk used vulgar movements in front of his mouth to show what he wanted.



erotic series



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I looked at him for the first time. The Turk used vulgar movements in front of his mouth to show what he wanted.

“Will you do what he wants?”

I could not answer. I felt like I would let them both do it. It was so perverted, so good. Everything was turning me on, even the warm air swirling between my legs.

“Turn towards me.”

I turned in my seat and tried to look the Teacher in his eyes. But I could not do it, his golden sunglasses were too dimmed. So I slowly reached for the zipper on his pants.

“Can I?"

I asked him with a twisted sense of politeness. I was simply ordered to do it. He nodded and his huge, hard cock slapped against my palm. I bent down and eagerly embraced it with my mouth. Oh, how I needed it!

I suck it and the saliva comes flowing in gushes. I squeeze it firmly with my right hand, but not too hard. Just so much as to set the angle in which I could suck it better. It feels as if I had never had it in my mouth before. My tongue is soft and slides up and down against the big tree as if it was lubricated. Every so often it stops at the fold beneath the head and circles it carefully a few times with delight. When I return back to the neck, my throat becomes softer and more willing. The organ goes deeper and deeper.


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“Oohh…” he moans, “that is great…”

When I start going too fast, he grabs my temple and gently grabs my hair.  I slow down, I cover his dick with saliva and suck it deeply. He is pleased, so his right hand lets go of my head and starts going beneath my belly to my crotch. When he caresses me, I shiver from all the pleasure. I know I am doing it well and I know that I am being watched. His middle finger enters me and synchronizes with the organ in my mouth. We do this for a while and then he says:

“There is no stopping now.”

He puts his foot on the accelerator. His middle finger leaves me. Because I was spread out in the interior with the gear stick, he grabs my crotch and gently lifts me. Then he puts it  in top gear – sixth. The stick is hanging towards me. He grabs me gently by the hips and pushes me towards it.

“Put it inside you!”

The thick mahogany ending with the bright golden sign eases inside of me and unites me with the car in its highest gear. I could feel the vibrations of its speed all the way to my heart. Every obstacle in my mind vanished. Something stronger, faster, turbo perverted took its place... When the feeling of pleasure finally took me in its arms, I could feel the alien hardness of the wooden organ all over my contracted walls and at the same time the teacher’s seed shot into my mouth. I held it in my mouth jealously.

He stroked my hair: “This is yours. Show the Turk what you will do now.”

I lifted my glowing face high. I showed the stuff in my mouth, then the bitter, sticky nectar slowly slid down my throat.

The Teacher got away from the lorry and stopped at a lay-by.

“Was it bad?


I was not even sure what I was afraid of. I felt fulfilled, calm and happy. And the best thing of all was that I wanted to go on and continue with him …

“Now you have finally overcome your problem. You are healed. We can get off the highway a little way ahead. Do you want me to get off and take you back to Ljubljana?”

“No, I am having a good time and I want to go on with you. I do not want to go home. Take me wherever you want.”


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