Good Girls Go to Bed Too (Part 2)

28.04.2013 | By: Matthew N.

Matthew helps out his less-than-happily engaged friend.



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Besides curious teenagers, demanding ice queens, nice girls next door, old vamps, sexy friends and random nymphomaniacs, my favorite type are good girls. Good girls are always neat and tidy, happy with their natural hair color, and when they get their college degree, they get married, have two kids and an average job. Good girls like librarians who always find them the right book. They borrow books about gardening, novels, books on labor and birth and browse through books about sex in secret.

Good girls are harder to get  to bed than ice queens. And you have to take them to an actual bed, toilets and back seats won’t do.

My  old friend Tanya is a good girl. She works as a grade-school teacher, is always neat and tidy in her pastel-colored little outfits and wears unobtrusive make-up. Her hair is naturally blonde and smells like baby shampoo. She’s very thin, without looking emaciated. Besides being a good girl, she’s also engaged. Of course I’ve pictured her naked before. I bet her breasts are smaller than they look because she’s bound to wear a padded bra. Her ass isn’t remarkable in any way, but she does have gorgeous long legs.

She invites me out for a drink late in the afternoon on Friday. Her fiancée is out of town and she finally has some spare time for me. She has a tan already and her little white dress accentuates it. We order a fruit cocktail and engage in small talk. I watch her as she fidgets in her chair and rubs her knees together. I’ve had enough of meaningless babble so I put my hand on her restless knee and she trembles like a startled animal. “Tanya, what’s wrong?” I ask and look into her eyes. She smiles shyly and mutters something, but when I ask her to repeat what she said she just shakes her head. I salvage the situation by ordering two strong cocktails. It’s getting dark. We each take long sips of our drinks in silence and my hand is resting on her knee, because neither of us wants to move it. My fingers began stroking her inner thigh and I feel her goose-bumps. I’m getting very excited too.

Will you tell me what’s wrong?” I ask quietly. It’s twilight, the perfect time for confiding in someone and I think she’ll open up now. But I’m still amazed that she hasn’t moved away from my hand. Tanya leans over to me and by accident brushes her moist lips, cold from the cocktail, against my ear. I smell her flowery perfume mixed with the scent of her warm body.

“I can’t come with Gregory” she whispers in my ear. OK, there’s one guys’ name too many in this sentence but it still makes my blood rush towards my balls. My pants are about ready to explode. With a controlled, purposefully lowered voice I ask her: “ Why not? You know how to please yourself?”

She shrugs her shoulders. I start giving her advice on how to improve her sex life. No, she’s not on the pill. Yes, she had her Brazilian (Brazilian, o my God!), Japanese balls are useless, self-heating lube stings. Gregory’s dick is big enough (OK, didn’t want to know that). He can’t even lick her. Ok, that’s enough. “ What on earth are you doing with a guy like that? Should I bring him a book on Kama Sutra, or what?”

Tanya smiles strangely. We sit still, while my hand keeps caressing her thighs and she spreads them just wide enough for my hand to pass through. “Matt”…, she says. I think that she’s about to stop me, when she blurts out “You’re an experienced guy… What if there’s something wrong with me?”

“Would you like to check?” I ask her but not with too much enthusiasm so I don’t frighten her. I caress her cheek and say quietly: “ I’d love to fuck you.”

Tanya blushes and looks around to check no one heard me. I lean to her ear and whisper “I’ll work extra hard for your pleasure”. I brush my lips against her ear on purpose and can feel her burning up. She’s mine. I take her by the hand and we head towards  my car. On the way home we listen to some sexy music.


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As soon as we get in I start kissing her, first on her neck making her melt like butter while she moans. I mix in a couple of sensuous bites and once she’s horny enough I kiss her mouth – a long, soft kiss allows my tongue to explore her mouth ever so slowly. Then I surprise her again and with one  quick move I roll up her dress. I take a moment to admire her long tanned legs but then I take off her white thong and bury my face into her smooth-shaven pussy. I bet she thought for a moment that I’m completely clueless too.

I know what she tastes like now, so I can devote myself to her in peace. Like a princess I lead her towards my large, comfortable and freshly made bed. I unbutton her dress and take it off while she gets rid of the padded bra. Her small perky boobs are laughing at me. I kiss those tanned little beauties and she moans again as I make my way down her smooth tummy towards her Lolita cunt.

I spread her open with one hand while massaging her Venus mound with my palm. Her pink flesh is glistening with moisture and the clit is offering itself to me. I brush my tongue against it and Tanya wriggles. I devote myself to her labia avoiding her clit. My tongue is moistened by her abundant juices. I drive her nuts by licking her slowly, not touching her where she wants it the most.

“Fuck me” she gasps. A good girl just said the F-word! What kind of a maniac would refuse her?
 I penetrate her resolutely and stop. I wait for her hips to move first. She starts to gyrate her hips but I press against her so hard she can hardly move. “Come on” she begs. “Say  please.”

“Please fuck me,” she sobs all flushed, wet and ruffled. I start fucking her, slowly, penetrating as deep as it goes every time. “You like that, don’t you?” I tease her. “You like a fat cock in your wet little cunt”. Her pupils dilate and her cheeks get redder and redder. I grab her by the hair “You like it when my balls bump against your ass.” She’s on the verge of orgasm all the time.
“Turn around” I order.

She presents her ass to me like some horny little animal. “Caress yourself,” I order her. I enjoy watching my dick disappear into her depths. I trace my wet finger over her innocent butt hole. When she comes, her body shakes in wild uncontrollable spasms and she falls on the bed. Let her enjoy her moment of bliss, I think, while I jerk off onto her arched back.


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