Heterosexual Prisoners Also Have Sex with Men If in Jail Too Long

31.08.2010 | By: T. B.

Our sexual behavior isn’t fixed. Instead, it changes according to the situation.


Sexual behavior is fluid, which means that it changes according to a particular situation.

Sexual behavior is fluid, which means that it changes according to a particular situation.

Sexual behaviour changes under certain circumstances

Sexual behaviour is the manner in which people lead their sex life. Sexual behaviour is dependent on a particular situation and is therefore fluid. Sexual fluidity means, above all, that sexual behavior is adaptable. If people can (also) adapt sexual behavior under certain circumstances, this means that sexuality isn’t as clearly defined as we might want it to be. Similar cases also occurred among animals. Therefore, if we dare to make statements that something is natural or unnatural, then there’s only one answer. It’s natural to adapt to a situation. The sole unnatural thing is the interpretation that there’s only one right way of leading one’s sex life, only one acceptable sexual behaviour and only one right sexual orientation.

Research on sexual behaviour of prisoners

The above is also confirmed by the research carried out on the basis of sexual behaviour of prisoners. Despite their heterosexual orientation, prisoners had sexual relations with other prisoners of the same sex. The studies show that the sexual behaviour and attitude towards the same sex change, which depends on the length of a sentence and the level of security. The study conducted by researchers of University of Texas (Travis Garland, Morgan, Beer) included 185 prisoners. With the help of various tests, they found that prisoners who have been in jail a long time are more likely to start forming homosexual identity. However, it isn’t the actual formation of homosexual identity. They just don’t reject their sexual identity.

Does that indicate hidden same-sex orientation?

Sexual behavior and sexual orientation aren’t one and the same thing. Such generalizations would be inappropriate. This primarily indicates that people are sexual beings. Maybe some of them confirm their orientation, but most people just adapt. There are few examples of sexual behavior and the ways of having sexual intercourse that could be attributed solely to one sexual orientation. This would mean that heterosexuals only have sexual intercourse in one way, lesbians in another way, gays in yet another way, and bisexuals probably in a completely different way from others.

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