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Left-handed people are homosexually orientated

T. B. :: 17.01.2013 07:01
left-handed homosexual

Is the left hand really a sign of homosexual orientation of an individual?

  Join us on Facebook!   Homosexual people are more likely to be left-handed writers According to all the (im)possible theories about the cause of homosexual orientation, we found another interesting information. Kenneth Zucker, Martin L. Lalumière and Ray Blanchard, researchers at the University of Toronto, concluded that there is a connection between sexual orientation and the hand with which you write. Homosexually orientated people more often write with...Left-handed people are homosexually orientated

Homosexuality Is Nothing Unusual in Nature

T. P. :: 16.01.2013 09:01
homosexuality is natural

Homosexuality is something natural that only some humans have a problem with.

  Join us on Facebook!   Zoologist Petter Böckman from the University of Oslo has found that approximately 1500 animal species are familiar with and practice same-sex bonding. Bears, gorillas, flamingos, owls and a number of other species. This is a scientific fact. In a zoo in New York, two penguins lived together for six years and in that time even took care of a young penguin. The egg was planted to them by a zoo keeper. Dolphins are also known for same-sex...Homosexuality Is Nothing Unusual in Nature

Discover Your True Sexual Tendencies

A. B. :: 19.12.2012 08:12
sexual tendecies

We prepared a few tests with which you can check your sexual orientation!

  Join us on Facebook!   Many people hide their sexual desires for the same sex. They are held back by moral reservations and believe that they aren’t allowed to have such desires, so they suppress their potential sexual tendencies indefinitely and thus deprive themselves of real pleasure. Are you certain that you’re sailing in the right direction? Watch a gay porn movie The easiest test for men is to watch a porn movie with only male porn actors. If they...Discover Your True Sexual Tendencies

Learn More About the Lesbian World

Alex F. :: 23.10.2012 08:10
lesbian world

What kinds of relationships do lesbians form? Are they in any respects different than heterosexual women? Do they ever go to bed with men? Let's peek into the lesbian world!

  Join us on Facebook!   A person’s sex life has many faces. Although heterosexual relationships are the most common form of satisfying sexual needs of adults, a lot of people are much more pleased with other forms of sexual activity, whether they have casual encounters or steady relationship. Not so long ago experts defined such “unusual” tendencies as perverse - people who showed them were considered ill, abnormal, mentally challenged, and were thought to be...Learn More About the Lesbian World

Lesbian sex in porn movies in unreal!

Izabela M :: 11.09.2012 06:09
lesbian pornography

Porn movies killed heterosexual sex and eroticism as well as homosexual sex.

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   Porn movies sell fantasies Nowadays, when pornography is already accessible by clicking or pressing a button, nudity and sex itself lose all the value they used to have. As this solely involves the selling of fantasies, these scenes as well as the physical features of actors and actresses, such as the size of the breasts and penis, are often taken to extremes. If you make a quick check of porn programmes or pornographic websites, you can...Lesbian sex in porn movies in unreal!

Do lesbians simply need a “real man”?

T. B. ::  8.11.2011 07:11

Would a lesbian stop being a lesbian if she experienced really good intercourse with a man?

  Join us on Facebook!   The hate speech that lesbians deal with often shows the relationship towards women in general. This is worrying because such speeches are often one-sided and very chauvinistic. Many statements show that female subjugation to men is still deeply embedded in our subconscious. It’s interesting that men aren’t the only ones to cling to such beliefs. Before you open your mouth again, think about what you want to say – not only because of what...Do lesbians simply need a “real man”?

Dispelling myths about same-sex orientation

T. B. :: 17.05.2011 07:05
same-sex orientation

Below are some myths about homosexual people that are definitely untrue.

  Join us on Facebook!   Homosexual people abuse children. People still believe there’s a connection between same-sex orientation and paedophilia, but the truth is much closer. Numerous studies showed that the offender is often a relative who the child and his or her parents trust. Sometimes it’s easier to point your finger at someone you don’t know than to face the truth. Parents should change this belief, not only to change the view on homosexual people, but...Dispelling myths about same-sex orientation

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