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Dirty underwear for sale

Tjaša Babič :: 14.03.2013 07:03
dirty underwear

Believe it or not, the market is flooded with the demand (and supply) of dirty underwear.

  Join us on Facebook!   Dirty underwear as a fetish Many people are turned on by sniffing and touching the underwear that somebody wore but did not wash. Some people even put it on. A lot of people also use dirty underwear to masturbate on it. There are several categories or styles of dirty underwear. The categories are formed on the basis of supply and demand. The condition of underwear is important, or the occasion for which the piece was worn (at work, in...Dirty underwear for sale


Help, My Partner Has An Unusual Fetish!

I. M. ::  7.11.2012 07:11
unusual fetish

What do you do when your partner suddenly tells you that he or she has a wild and perhaps even an unusual fetish that in no way corresponds with your sexual practices?

  Join us on Facebook!   Unsual sexual fetishes Fetishes are a regular part of one’s sexual life. These specific and selected things have a special power on an individual to arouse his or her sexual desire and trigger his or her arousal. People have had fetishes throughout the history; they were present both in primitive tribes and a modern society. The basis of a fetish is already formed in childhood. Some fetishes are less noticeable, while others are more...Help, My Partner Has An Unusual Fetish!

Do You Have a Fetish for Your Partner's Fat?

T. P. :: 30.10.2012 07:10
fat fetish

Sometimes a person’s weight and fat can be a fetish. Do you want to know more about fat fetishism?

  Join us on Facebook!   Fat fetishism There is a certain group of people who have a fetish for fat on the human body. We are not talking about a little fat around the stomach or thighs. This is about big dangly bags of fat hanging from our bodies. They are immensely turned on by these giant stacks which gather under the triceps, around the stomach, on the neck and on the bottom. They like to touch, knead, weigh and swing this fat. During intercourse, they...Do You Have a Fetish for Your Partner's Fat?


Unusual sexual preferences - paraphilia

J. P. :: 12.10.2012 06:10

Read more about unusual forms of sexual behaviour termed paraphilia.

  Join us on Facebook!   What’s paraphilia? A paraphilia is the name give to an unusual sexual preference that doesn’t involve copulatory behaviour. The term is derived from the Greek words “para” meaning “besides” and “philia” meaning “love”. Psychologists define paraphilias as mental disorders shown  in the form of recurrent, intense sexual preferences, fantasies or acts involving unusual objects, activities or situations and causing social alienation or...Unusual sexual preferences - paraphilia

Learn about the Most Unusual Fetishes!

I. M. :: 28.08.2012 07:08
unusual fetish

We prepared a few strange fetishes for you. This time they are only slightly daring and unusual.

  Join us on Facebook!   Wearing clothes of the opposite sex Those who are under the impression that all transvestites are homosexuals will be surprised by the fact that only 10% of transvestites are homosexually oriented. This fetish is mostly typical of men who like to dress in women’s clothes and lingerie, put on women’s gloves, and wear scarves around the neck. It is about adoring femininity and the female nature. They are sexually aroused by wearing...Learn about the Most Unusual Fetishes!


Axillism or Bagpiping: Sex With the Armpit

I. M. :: 17.07.2012 06:07

Axillism! Now to be found in the eroticism dictionary.

  Join us on Facebook!   What is axillism? Every sexual being has a fetish, no matter how unusual it is. Sexual desire stirs people differently, but only rarely you hear about axillism. This is a special fetish where a man replaces a woman’s vagina for her armpit and reaches an orgasm by rubbing his penis against the armpit. Therefore, it could be said that this is a very rare sexual practice and even porn films don’t show it. Sex with the armpit is the sexual...Axillism or Bagpiping: Sex With the Armpit

Surprise him with hair!

Antonio B ::  4.07.2012 06:07
pubic hair

Nowadays it’s so trendy to have no hair down below that pubic hair is sometimes a real fetish. Why not?

  Join us on Facebook!   Why should you always look like little girls? If you don’t see your partner for a while because, for instance, you don’t live together yet, you have the perfect opportunity to follow our advice which is, of course, very easy to carry out and can bring extra excitement into your sex life. Simply stop shaving and you’ll see results. It’s a perfect situation if you don’t see each other for a week as you need some time to prepare your...Surprise him with hair!

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