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Who is actually the scandalous Lolita?

Z. J. :: 21.09.2012 06:09

On the Internet Lolita is shown in a very erotic or even pornographic context as a sexually active teenager. But what does the term Lolita actually mean?

  Join us on Facebook!   One film critic said: “Lolita is the perfect allegory of the 20th century and its obsessions – its obsessions with getting younger, the Peter Pan syndrome, Michael Jackson, ‘rediscovering your inner child’, infantilising everything, voyeurism and image.” Lolita is a very common name in popular culture. It’s attractive probably because it sounds exotic, but that’s a poor excuse for using it as a generally accepted term for a...Who is actually the scandalous Lolita?

Axillism or Bagpiping: Sex With the Armpit

I. M. :: 17.07.2012 06:07

Axillism! Now to be found in the eroticism dictionary.

  Join us on Facebook!   What is axillism? Every sexual being has a fetish, no matter how unusual it is. Sexual desire stirs people differently, but only rarely you hear about axillism. This is a special fetish where a man replaces a woman’s vagina for her armpit and reaches an orgasm by rubbing his penis against the armpit. Therefore, it could be said that this is a very rare sexual practice and even porn films don’t show it. Sex with the armpit is the sexual...Axillism or Bagpiping: Sex With the Armpit

Dogging Is an Old Phenomenon

T. G. ::  4.05.2012 07:05

Have you never heard of "dogging" before? This is much more than doing it outdoors. Find more about what dogging is and its origins in the article!

  Join us on Facebook!   Many people are familiar with doing it in public places, but not so many know about the phenomenon that is common particularly in Great Britain – “dogging”. The term means much more than just doing it outdoors because it also involves anonymous sex with an unknown person who also practices “dogging” and all this takes place in isolated parking lots. We could find similarities to parking lots in shopping malls, but police officers often...Dogging Is an Old Phenomenon

Naughty Sexual Expressions You Have to Know

I. M. ::  9.03.2012 06:03
naughty sexual expressions

Are you sure you know all the naughtiest sexual expressions? Test your knowledge below!

  Join us on Facebook!   Naughty expression #1: 'Snowballing' »Snowballing« is an expression that describes fellatio ending with ejaculation into the woman's mouth. She then holds the sperm in her mouth and passes it on to a man. If you haven't heard about this expression before, you now know what it means and whether to be excited or not if your partner suggests snowballing. Naughty expression #2: 'Felching' »Felching«is similar to snowballing but instead...Naughty Sexual Expressions You Have to Know

Can You Tell the Difference Between Sadism And Masochism?

Alex F. ::  7.02.2012 06:02
difference between sadism and masochism

Many people know what sadomasochism is, but how many truly know the difference between sadism and masochism? Do you?

  Join us on Facebook!   Sacher Masoch married women he chose because of their commanding nature, as if he had an insatiable desire for obedience and taking orders. He went so far that he signed contracts with them which bound him to be a slave, to be obedient and he had to fulfil all the demands of the women, while they were allowed to punish him in any way they chose if he didn’t abide by the agreement. It need not be stated that the women didn’t choose to...Can You Tell the Difference Between Sadism And Masochism?

Have You Ever Heard of Vanilla Sex?

T. B. :: 10.01.2012 06:01
vanilla sex

Find out all about vanilla sex. Does it involve the use of vanilla syrups?

  Join us on Facebook!   What kind of intercourse is vanilla sex? Vanilla sex is a very popular, but not a difficult sexual practice. Many people are ashamed of the fact that they enjoy it the most. The word vanilla is mostly used with a negative connotation, although this is in fact completely unnecessary. The word vanilla describes the most conventional and socially acceptable sexual practices, where the basic components of lovemaking are kissing and the...Have You Ever Heard of Vanilla Sex?

Ever heard of spinners?

M. C. ::  4.11.2011 07:11

Spinner is a porn-industry term for a very small woman used to connote sexual agility. The famous spinners were Loni Sanders, Nikki Charm and Ginger Lynn Allen.

  Join us on Facebook!   The famous spinner girls Loni Sanders, Nikki Charm and Ginger Lynn Allen have (at least) three things in common: they are all about 5 feet tall, they all have small breasts and boast the weight of less than 95 pounds! Loni Sanders Loni Sanders (born 1958) is now a retired porn star and adult model who starred in many X-rated movies of the 1970s and 80s. She used to be an exotic brunette with a charming smile and the  perfectly...Ever heard of spinners?

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