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How to attract the ideal woman?

Alex F. :: 12.12.2012 07:12
ideal woman

Read what you can do to attract beautiful and interesting people, possible ideal partners!

  Join us on Facebook!   "Why can’t I have the ideal woman?" There’s no one that I know who wouldn’t wonder how to attract the ideal partner. How can you find that person that suits you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? Does this creature even exist? Each relationship is a mirror (this means that your partner is supposedly a projection of our own characteristics, which means that the opinion that opposites attract is wrong) and a...How to attract the ideal woman?

50 greatest pick-up lines to impress women

JP ::  9.11.2012 06:11
pick-up lines

…that probably won’t help you get her into your bed, but they’ll still make you laugh.

  Join us on Facebook!   There are thousands of original pick-up lines to use on women. Here are the 50 most interesting ones.  If you have a great pick-up line, share it with us.1.    I know someone who finds you very attractive. If I weren’t so shy, I’d tell you who he is. 2.    Can I buy you a drink or should I just give you the money? 3.    Are you religious? [Why?] Because you’re the answer to all my...50 greatest pick-up lines to impress women

A Woman Can Smell When a Man Is Aroused

M. W. ::  5.10.2012 06:10
pheromones and sweat

A new survey showed that women are more turned on by male sweat if the man is turned on.

  Join us on Facebook!   Pheromones affect us subconsciously! Scientists more or less guess what role pheromones play and how important they are. We know we can sense them with smell, but they supposedly work on a subconscious level, which, in the end run, means that their effect can’t be measured. However, a group of scientists got an idea of how to do this. Supposedly, a great amount of pheromones is situated in male sweat, so they asked 20 heterosexual men...A Woman Can Smell When a Man Is Aroused

How to Hit on Women Successfully?

T. P. :: 30.08.2012 07:08
how to hit on

Read some pearls of wisdom and some useful advice on how to hit on women and how not to!

  Join us on Facebook!   I admit I have never been able to understand people who use one-liners to try and hit on women. You get to know a person after years of living together and not when exchanging a few sentences in a bar or a club. It also seems that if I did find a woman who fell for such tricks, I would not want to sleep with her, as she would not reach the basic standards I have set for myself. That is why I rather not try such moves and sit at the bar....How to Hit on Women Successfully?

Charm Her with Words

Antonio B :: 15.12.2011 06:12
charm words

Charming words are always the key to successfully enchanting a woman.

  Join us on Facebook!   Don’t intimidate her Communication is crucial for a successful date. If you’re a master of conversation, then you won’t have any trouble making a good first impression. If you're not so good at speaking to people or if others don’t react to your vocabulary and your communication style in a good way, then you’ll be facing some obstacles on your first date too. Keep the conversation neutral at first. Don’t start off by telling her...Charm Her with Words

Make Her Knees Go Weak

Alex F. ::  8.09.2011 08:09
make her knees go weak

Even today, her knees go weak when she's assaulted with classic ways of seduction. We have put together some ideas on how to enchant her.

  Join us on Facebook!   Be a true "gentleman" Women – regardless of whether they appear emancipated and fiercely independent – are still charmed when a man opens the car door for them, or when he says: “after you,” or when he holds their coat so that they can put it on more easily. Such a man seems dignified and full of self-confidence and power, which are very good attributes for making a woman truly horny. Yes, gentlemen are still very much in...Make Her Knees Go Weak

How to Get Her into Your Bed in Half an Hour? (Part 2)

T. P. :: 20.04.2011 09:04
how to seduce her quickly

Our second article on the topic focuses on finding the right location for intercourse and everything else you have to consider.

  Join us on Facebook!   First kiss – action! We suppose you passed the first part of the assignment - the mission of finding a woman and persuade her to immediately venture into your bed - with flying colors. You got her attention, she’s dancing with you on the dance floor or is sitting close to you in a corner of the bar. There’s tension in the air and butterflies in the stomach. You both already know that a kiss will turn this into a night of wild passion,...How to Get Her into Your Bed in Half an Hour? (Part 2)

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