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Does Abstinence from Sex Lead to Sexual Problems?

T. P. :: 27.11.2012 07:11
abstinence from sex

How does a long period of time without sexual intercourse affect your sex life when you want to renew it again?

  Join us on Facebook!   Sex abstinence Abstinence from sex means that a person chooses not to have sex for a certain reason. In most cases, these reasons are religious by nature, and some people want to wait until they're mature, or because they associate sex with true love ... People who don’t have sexual intercourse, but would like to, and who don't have it because there's no one to have it with, aren't relevant here. A person who practices abstinence from...Does Abstinence from Sex Lead to Sexual Problems?

Is There Blood in Your Sperm?

T. B. :: 14.01.2011 00:01
blood in sperm

What does it mean if there is blood in the semen? What should you do when you notice it?

Blood in the sperm can indicate serious problems Whenever there is blood, it usually sends shivers down your spine and you think of all the scenarios that you are most afraid of. To cheer you up, fear is often unnecessary and blood in the semen is about as serious as blood mixed in the discharge from the nose. In some cases, however, it can indicate more serious problems. The origin and cause of blood in the semen is unknown in about 50 per cent of the cases. It is...Is There Blood in Your Sperm?

There Is No Way Back after Vasectomy

P. K. :: 21.12.2010 16:12

Along with condoms, men are familiar with the form of contraception known as sterilization or, more correctly, vasectomy.

How is vasectomy performed? Vasectomy is the more correct term for sterilization, which is a surgical procedure. A surgeon cuts or removes the vas deferens, the tube which carries sperms upwards from your testicle. It is usually performed to prevent inflammations and, at the same time, it is the method for permanent sterilisation of men and one of the possibilities of contraception. After the operation, swelling and an unpleasant feeling are normal, which can be alleviated...There Is No Way Back after Vasectomy

How to Prevent Premature Ejaculation?

A. B. :: 24.10.2010 12:10
premature ejaculation

Many men cannot come to terms with premature ejaculation. We have found some solutions which will excite your partner as well.

Prevent premature ejaculation by masturbating before a date Many guys come shining through in the so-called second round, when they are definitely more endurable than in the first. This of course means that the first round happened before the date. They masturbate and are than able to last longer with their girl and really show their good side. The first round can also be shorter intercourse and is a promise for the next one, which will undoubtedly be longer. So, the guys...How to Prevent Premature Ejaculation?

Advice for Healthy Penis

K. Z. ::  6.09.2010 12:09
healthy penis

Taking care of your penis doesn't require only the use of a condom, but many other things.

Penis is a very important organ for men and its function is not limited only to reproduction and sexual life, but it is of key importance for survival. That's why it is very important that you take good care of your penis and keep it healthy so that it will continue to serve its purpose. Do you know how to keep your penis healthy? Is pubic hair removal important for a healthy penis? Removing your pubic hair has positive effects on the health of your penis, because by...Advice for Healthy Penis

How to Combat a Spontaneous Erection?

T. B. :: 23.08.2010 06:08
spontaneous erection

Spontaneous erection is an unwanted erection that can be very uncomfortable, so we are offering some advice on how to cover it or make it go away.

Spontaneous erections are a part of sexual development Spontaneous erections can be very uncomfortable but they are a normal part of sexual development. They occur most often in puberty because of the hormones running wild. The body must compensate for this and one side effect is a spontaneous erection. They almost always occur for no real reason at the most inappropriate times, at the most inappropriate places and cause us problems, awkward moments and worries. And...How to Combat a Spontaneous Erection?

Painful Urination: What Are the Possible Reasons?

S. B. :: 21.08.2010 08:08
painful urination

Painful urination occurs quite often and the problem is very unpleasant, especially because it can be caused by a serious disease.

Painful urination can be a sign of a serious disease Painful urination is usually felt as a burning sensation while urinating, but often there are other symptoms, for example the leaking of urine, pelvic pains, fever and vomiting. All the accompanying factors depend on the type of disease which caused painful urination in the first place. If there are no other symptoms, the most common reason for painful urination is the inflammation of the vagina, chronic inflammation...Painful Urination: What Are the Possible Reasons?

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