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How to discover your erogenous zones?

Izabela M :: 20.06.2012 07:06
discover your body

Many women can’t have an orgasm because they don’t know what turns them on. How and with whose help to push the right buttons?

  Join us on Facebook!   Problems reaching an orgasm Regardless of the fact that women are completely sexually liberated, many of them still have problems with reaching an orgasm. The technical term for this difficulty is anorgasmia. There can be many reasons for such a condition. We mostly divide them into psychological and physical reasons. The reason which we will discuss this time belongs into both groups. Besides all the medical and psychological...How to discover your erogenous zones?

Masturbation Is Healthy for Your Prostate

S. K. :: 11.06.2012 10:06
masturbation prostate

Did you know that men who masturbate more frequently have fewer chances to get prostate cancer?

  Join us on Facebook!   Masturbation lessens the chance for prostate cancer 20-year old men who ejaculate more than five times a week are less likely to get prostate cancer, shows a study carried out in Australia. The study focused on ejaculation with masturbation, as by sexual intercourse men can get various infections that further increase the possibility ofprostate cancer. The research was conducted by Graham Giles from the cancer organization The Cancer...Masturbation Is Healthy for Your Prostate

Five myths about masturbation

Jure P ::  8.11.2011 06:11

It is high time you did away with the negative, odd and hardly believable myths about masturbation!

  Join us on Facebook!   Myth No. 1: Only young people masturbate The truth: Masturbation accompanies people throughout their whole lives. Different researches and surveys show that 70 - 95 per cent adults masturbate: although the frequency of masturbation may decrease with age, its occurrence prolongs well past one's best years. A survey among 800 people aged 60 and more has shown that 46 per cent of them masturbate. Accordingly, we can conclude that...Five myths about masturbation

Masturbate to Your Heart’s Content!

A. B. :: 15.12.2010 00:12

There is no reason why people in relationships should not masturbate. If you are in the mood, play with yourself.

Masturbation without a guilty conscience People shouldn't feel any guilt and fear about the fact that they masturbate when in a serious relationship. Masturbating relaxes a person because of the orgasm and s/he can go on with the things planned for the day. Especially if the partner’s not there. If the partner is away on business or if you don’t live together, intercourse isn’t something you can do every day. There is nothing wrong with this kind of self-gratification,...Masturbate to Your Heart’s Content!

Masturbation Techniques for Women

V. M. :: 16.09.2010 06:09
masturbation techniques for women

Are you getting tired of rubbing your clitoris in one and the same way? Here are some masturbation techniques for women you might want to try.

Try the following masturbation techniques (you will not regret it): 1. Masturbation technique for women: Water balloon Fill a water balloon or a long balloon made to create various shapes with warm water. Put some lubricant on your clitoris, then press the balloon against your vulva and start making circular motions. The feeling of warm water, its gentle vibration and the pressure of the balloon against your clitoris will drive you crazy. 2. Masturbation technique for...Masturbation Techniques for Women

Experience the Joy of Mutual Masturbation

K. S. ::  4.09.2010 08:09
mutual masturbation

When both partners experience the joy of mutual masturbation, they can gradually improve the intimacy in their relationship.

The majority of people prefer to explore the joy of masturbation undisturbed in the intimacy of their bedrooms. But some people love to experience the joy of masturbation together with their partner, and manage to improve their intimacy at the same time. Experiencing the joy of mutual masturbation could be good for you too. Not only could you be able to experience a live show that you have dreamed about for quite some time, but you would also have the opportunity to learn...Experience the Joy of Mutual Masturbation

Two Masturbation Techniques Which Should Be Known to Every Man!

T. P. ::  6.08.2010 12:08
masturbation techniques

One masturbation technique is called ‘Stop & Go’ and it prevents premature ejaculation, the other is called ‘Torture’ and it gives you a great orgasm.

Masturbation technique 'Stop & Go' The first masturbation technique is practiced by many men, who use it to prevent premature ejaculation, although premature ejaculation only exists from women’s point of view. A man must wait until he penetrates the woman just long enough but definitely not too long. What is sooner, is too soon, everything else is just right. This technique is called ‘Stop & Go’. Masturbate until you are about to reach a climax. Wait until you cool off...Two Masturbation Techniques Which Should Be Known to Every Man!

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