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Learn How to Have Hot Phone Sex

A. B. ::  5.06.2010 21:06
to have phone sex

If your partner is away for a longer period of time your sex life also suffers. Would you like to have phone sex and reconnect with your partner? Read some tips on how to do it...

Let's have phone sex, it is not out of fashion yet When couples are a long distance apart and especially if it happens quite often or if they are not even living together, they can start to miss each other terribly. You want to have sex, but it is not possible because of the distance separating you. And because the distance is too great, there is nothing you can do but take a cold shower and wait for the day when you are together again. A mistake. A terrible mistake,...Learn How to Have Hot Phone Sex

Masturbation Rules!

T. P. :: 15.04.2010 22:04
masturbation benefits

We all masturbate, although some people were told that it will cause their hands to wither and so on.

How can you tell if someone is lying? You ask them whether they masturbate. If they say no, their noses are already growing.   Masturbation represents the first contact with your own genitals and the thrills that you experience. Reaching orgasm is not necessarily related to masturbation. Children always love to rub their genitals and show them to others. Psychologists are familiar with children masturbation. Of course, they masturbate because it gives them a warm...Masturbation Rules!

Using A Toothbrush as Vibrator

T. B. :: 22.01.2010 16:01
as vibrator

When you are tired of masturbating with your fingers, you can always use an electric toothbrush!

If you have an electric toothbrush you are not using, don't throw it away. This toothbrush can serve as vibrator as well. How to use a toothbrush? You can use both sides, the brush side and the back side. Especially appropriate are the sonic ones, which vibrate at exceptional frequencies. Because of these frequencies, it is advisable to use only the back side of the toothbrush, and it is best to do it even over your underwear. The brush side is usually used by women who...Using A Toothbrush as Vibrator

Where Did Onanists Get Their Name From?

T. P. :: 13.01.2010 18:01

Would you like to know from where does the term onanism derive? Surprise! We can pin the blame on the Jews!

Masturbation or onanism was, and still is, prohibited in Christianity and Judaism. The term is derived from a short mention of unfortunate Onan. Let's read about what happened in ancient times:“And Judah took a wife for Er his firstborn, whose name was Tamar. And Er, Judah's firstborn, was wicked in the sight of the LORD; and the LORD slew him. And Judah said unto Onan, Go in unto thy brother's wife, and marry her, and raise up seed to thy brother. And Onan knew that the...Where Did Onanists Get Their Name From?

Ladies, Start Masturbating!

K. S. :: 12.10.2009 15:10

Masturbation isn’t just a replacement for sex, but a welcome way to sweeten your sex life a bit as well. Therefore, start masturbating!

Masturbation is linked to a plethora of stereotypes and prejudices, such as: 1) only weirdoes masturbate, 2) masturbation could make you go blind, 3) people who masturbate are incapable of having a relationship, 4) masturbation is illegal, 5) masturbation is filthy, and 6) masturbation is a sin, even more so if women are doing it. Now, if that isn’t a load of c***, especially when it comes to women enjoying a soothing masturbation? Leaving all that aside, it is a fact that...Ladies, Start Masturbating!

How do I masturbate?

Antonio B ::  5.08.2009 18:08
how to masturbate

Dear ladies, don’t be ashamed of your honey pot and devote your full attention to your clitoris.

Masturbation as part of sex life Although women still have difficulty talking about masturbation, studies show that 70 per cent of women have played with their vagina at least once in their life and that they also continue this “habit” in marriage to satisfy their sexual needs and spice up their sex life. Some women still have difficulty in performing masturbation, meaning that they miss numerous thrills experienced by playing solo with their vagina and thus make sex with...How do I masturbate?

How can you save awkward sex moments with a condom?

Antonio B :: 23.07.2009 18:07

Find out how a condom can make masturbation easier or sex possible when you don’t have time to take a shower.

Condom for masturbation Masturbation comes in handy when you’re lonely. And at that moment, it’s good to have a condom nearby to conjure a few extra thrills. A man puts it on his penis, lies down on his abdomen and rubs himself against the bed. Stimulation will be stronger than without a condom, and the bed won’t be dirty after it’s over because the semen will be caught in the condom. In solo action, a woman can put it on a vibrator, which makes it more slippery, and it’s...How can you save awkward sex moments with a condom?

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