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Myths about Masturbation

S. J. :: 23.01.2013 06:01
myths about masturbation

Masturbation is only for men and it is harmful for your health – a myth or the truth?

###GALLERY###   Join us on Facebook!   You masturbate when you are young There is no specific age limitation when to stop masturbating, although many people believe this type of activity should only be done by the young. It is true that in teenage years, when young people begin discovering their body, they masturbate more frequently, however, later this percentage does not change significantly. Researches show that 90% of men and 60-80% of women masturbate until late teenage...Myths about Masturbation

Eight Myths and Truths about Anal Sex (Part 2)

J. P. :: 21.08.2012 07:08
Myths and Truths about Anal Sex

This is the continuation of eliminating unfounded prejudices and wrong conceptions about anal sex.

  Join us on Facebook!   In the first part of the article, we’ve already dealt with for myths about anal intercourse and here is an equally interesting continuation. Myth #5: Anal intercourse is always painful Truth: If anal intercourse is accompanied by a desire, ease, communication and trust between the partners as well as a lot of lubricant, it’s completely painless, extremely pleasant and exciting. The opening of the entrance to the anus is controlled by...Eight Myths and Truths about Anal Sex (Part 2)

Eight Myths and Truths About Anal Sex (Part 1)

J. P. :: 21.08.2012 06:08
Myths and Truths About Anal Sex

Let’s eliminate unfounded prejudices and wrong conceptions about anal intercourse.

  Join us on Facebook!   A general belief about deviant behavior is formed and maintained by various legitimate state and religious institutions. What used to be deviant behavior is completely acceptable today, as for instance, masturbation and oral intercourse. However, despite noticeable developments in a positive direction, anal intercourse is still largely considered a taboo supported and strengthened by myths that oppose logic, science and experiences...Eight Myths and Truths About Anal Sex (Part 1)

Do lesbians simply need a “real man”?

T. B. ::  8.11.2011 07:11

Would a lesbian stop being a lesbian if she experienced really good intercourse with a man?

  Join us on Facebook!   The hate speech that lesbians deal with often shows the relationship towards women in general. This is worrying because such speeches are often one-sided and very chauvinistic. Many statements show that female subjugation to men is still deeply embedded in our subconscious. It’s interesting that men aren’t the only ones to cling to such beliefs. Before you open your mouth again, think about what you want to say – not only because of what...Do lesbians simply need a “real man”?

Five myths about masturbation

Jure P ::  8.11.2011 06:11

It is high time you did away with the negative, odd and hardly believable myths about masturbation!

  Join us on Facebook!   Myth No. 1: Only young people masturbate The truth: Masturbation accompanies people throughout their whole lives. Different researches and surveys show that 70 - 95 per cent adults masturbate: although the frequency of masturbation may decrease with age, its occurrence prolongs well past one's best years. A survey among 800 people aged 60 and more has shown that 46 per cent of them masturbate. Accordingly, we can conclude that...Five myths about masturbation

Six Unfounded Myths about Sex

Sara B. :: 19.08.2011 07:08
myths about sex

We want to warn you about six myths about sex that you shouldn't believe.

  Join us on Facebook!   1. If you're a truly good lover, you can satisfy any woman Determining whether you're a great lover or just an average one shouldn't be based on only one experience where you've been praised. Unless we're ready for criticism of our love-making, we'll never be able to improve it. You should never assume that you're a good lover based on your own feeling and according to your own standards - if your lover isn't actually enraptured...Six Unfounded Myths about Sex

Are You Bisexual?

S. K. :: 12.07.2011 06:07
are you bisexual

In order to find out whether you're bisexual, you have to first recognize the fact that some widespread beliefs about bisexuality are completely wrong.

  Join us on Facebook!   An increasingly large number of people are becoming aware of their bisexuality. Nevertheless, the majority of people still seem to be greatly confused about what bisexuality actually means. Let's break some myths regarding this sexual orientation. Bisexuals like men as well as women Wrong. Every person may experience his or her bisexuality in a unique way. If a man has sexual relationships with women and, at the same time, feels...Are You Bisexual?

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