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Teenagers watch 87 hours worth of pornography a year

Tadej Pačnik ::  5.10.2012 06:10
teenagers watch pornography

Read about how much time teenagers spend on the Internet and what they’re looking for. Pornography is among the main hits.

  Join us on Facebook!   Average teenager An average teenager spends an hour and forty minutes on the Internet every week looking for pornography. This adds up to 87 hours a year. Does that seem a lot or little? They spend an hour and 35 minutes browsing through contents about weight loss and diets. The survey conducted on 1,000 teenagers revealed that an average teenager spends 31 hours a week on the Internet on average. They’re mostly interested in soft...Teenagers watch 87 hours worth of pornography a year

What sex life is like for teenagers today?

Alex F. :: 18.09.2012 07:09
sex life of adolescents

Sex life of young people is changing radically. They start having sex earlier and with more people, and women take the leading role.

  Join us on Facebook!   One of the important changes about the rituals of sexual seduction of today’s adolescents is a much more distinctive and quicker transition from the innocent first kiss to the first sexual intercourse. Today things are happening much quicker. The focus on sexual desire, particularly on the genitals, is the main characteristic of today’s sex in comparison with the past. Women gained power Today women are much more aware of a right to...What sex life is like for teenagers today?

Did your child catch you doing it?

T. P. :: 12.09.2012 06:09
caught doing it

Read what you can do and how to react in the following article.

  Join us on Facebook!   Situation Even if you are extremely careful, there is always a chance of being caught having relations. How you react and what you do is key in how the children perceive you, your partner and their own sexuality. If you are in a steady relationship and you are caught doing it with your partner, who is also the biological parent, then the problem is usually smaller and can be solved by discussing it intensely. All other combinations...Did your child catch you doing it?

Early Puberty Causes

J.P. ::  6.08.2012 08:08
early puberty causes

More and more girls enter the puberty before their tenth birthday, but the early puberty causes are not completely clear yet.

  Join us on Facebook!   Early puberty causes: The age difference The age at the beginning of puberty has been declining for several years. In 19th century, boys entered the puberty at 17 years of age and girls at 15, but already in 1960 the average year for the beginning of puberty was 14 years for boys and 12 years for girls. Danish scientists conducted a research in 2006 in which 1000 girls participated. They discovered that the average age for girls to...Early Puberty Causes

Don’t Regret Your First Sex Partner

T. P. :: 31.07.2012 07:07
first sex partner

Don’t be one of those people who live in their past and burden themselves with choosing the wrong first sex partner.

  Join us on Facebook!   First sex partner - Almost a third is regretted Such headlines appear in various newspapers. The Sun announced the results of a study in which  almost a third of participants, who started having sex at the age of 13 or earlier, have regrets either about their first sex partner or the sex itself and wish they had waited with sex. 19% of women said that they had felt forced into doing it and the same was stated by 10% of guys....Don’t Regret Your First Sex Partner

Don’t Inhibit Your Children’s Sexual Curiosity!

T. B. :: 17.07.2012 08:07
children’s sexual curiosity

Inhibiting sexual curiosity can quickly turn into sexual repression.

  Join us on Facebook!   A child’s sexual curiosity is exhibited very early Children start expressing their sexual curiosity when it comes to sexual differences and their sexual organs at a very early age. They admire breasts, grab their sexual organs, show them. Children do this in a very relaxed way and without inhibitions. Parents respond in different ways. Only few parents manage not to repress children’s sexual curiosity. There are, therefore, different...Don’t Inhibit Your Children’s Sexual Curiosity!

When to lose virginity?

T. P. ::  3.07.2012 06:07
when to lose virginity

There’s much discussion about losing virginity. Sooner or later? When is the right time?

  Join us on Facebook!   Losing virginity too early Losing virginity early doesn’t pose a problem, but loosing it too early is problematic. Too early means that the first sexual intercourse occurs without having the good feeling that it’s time, and that a person is ready, to have sex. You might ask when you’re ready and how you know you’re ready. The mysterious answer is that you simply know when you’re ready to have sex. This means  that if you’re asking...When to lose virginity?

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