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Teenagers watch 87 hours worth of pornography a year

Tadej Pačnik ::  5.10.2012 06:10
teenagers watch pornography

Read about how much time teenagers spend on the Internet and what they’re looking for. Pornography is among the main hits.

  Join us on Facebook!   Average teenager An average teenager spends an hour and forty minutes on the Internet every week looking for pornography. This adds up to 87 hours a year. Does that seem a lot or little? They spend an hour and 35 minutes browsing through contents about weight loss and diets. The survey conducted on 1,000 teenagers revealed that an average teenager spends 31 hours a week on the Internet on average. They’re mostly interested in soft...Teenagers watch 87 hours worth of pornography a year

Facebook Relationship Is Replacing a Normal One

Alex S. :: 16.08.2012 14:08
Facebook Relationship

Do you ever think that it would be much easier to have a Facebook relationship? You are not the only one.

  Join us on Facebook!   Facebook relationships that (basically) aren’t that It is clear that Internet tools used to establish contact and maintain friendships are, in principle, intended for that very purpose. However, there is a chance to flirt, which gives rise to virtual sex and that can lead to (re)action in real life. Flirting is created in virtual space when participants in a relationship start showing a growing interest in intimacy or attraction to each...Facebook Relationship Is Replacing a Normal One

Naked Photos of Teenagers on the Internet

S. G. ::  3.04.2012 06:04
naked photos of teenagers

Experts in the area of Internet crime warn that teenagers themselves are usually responsible for photos of their naked bodies.

  Join us on Facebook!   Increasingly more teenagers post explicit pictures on the Internet If you still believe that child pornography and photos of naked teenagers are largely posted on the Internet by pedophiles, you are mistaken. Teenagers themselves often ensure that these photos end up on the internet, either they post them or forward them to people who post them. Photos can also be posted by computer hackers. In any event, the number of sexually explicit...Naked Photos of Teenagers on the Internet

The Dangers of Cyber Sex

Alex F. :: 30.08.2011 06:08
dangers of cyber sex

At first glance, cyber sex seems completely harmless, but many people a deceived in the vicious cycle of addiction.

  Join us on Facebook!   When a supplement turns into a substitute Most people are “recreational users” of erotic websites. Similar to when you ended up in a pub to get together with your friends and drink alcohol or try your luck in a casino. All of the aforementioned have a harmful effect and excessive use leads to degradation of people. It involves a change to the way of thinking in the sense of “when a supplement turns into a substitute”. It definitely...The Dangers of Cyber Sex

Do You Want to Have Virtual Sex?

P. K. ::  1.01.2011 16:01
virtual sex

Virtual sex is nothing special any more as the technology in this area develops faster every day.

  Virtual sex has replaced cyber sex Virtual sex is slowly replacing “cyber sex” (i.e. sex via the internet, with the help of a camera, IRC etc.) and sex over the telephone. Particularly in the area of PC games a large step was taken in the direction of virtual sex, where you can really “play” with the character you choose. However, the companies which see, above all, a new source of income in this area are already developing the technology and trying to find the most...Do You Want to Have Virtual Sex?

Pornographic Jailbait Webcams

S. K. ::  7.05.2010 18:05
jailbait webcams

English authorities have warned of a growing trend - jailbait webcams.

Jailbait Webcams - Who And What Teenagers create a profile on a website (e.g. Faceparty) and it is not long  before they are  added among friends by unknown men and women. There are a lot of paedophiles among them, who want teenagers to strip and masturbate in front of webcams in return for money. The government's internet child protection agency, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Agency (CEOP) has warned of an increasing number of teenagers adding...Pornographic Jailbait Webcams

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