Interview with a Japanese Prostitute

21.10.2011 | By: P. D.

A Japanese prostitute reveals all about her own profession and prostitution in Japan.



interview with japanese prostitute

A Japanese prostitute revealed the secrets of pink saloons. (PhotoXpress)


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Japan has very unusual laws about prostitution. Prostitution is forbidden but the problem lies in its definition. It is forbidden to sell penetration and that's why the business in thriving in companies where they offer different intimate contacts and not only penetration. Massage parlors do not need an extra explanation but they also have the so-called Soapland - special spas where guests are washed by the employees with as much body contact as possible, Delivery Health - where escorts meet the clients in a hotel and indulge in everything except penetration, and pink saloons - where the guest can order a drink and get oral intercourse with it. An interview with a Japanese prostitute from one of the pink saloons recently appeared on the popular web forum 2ch. 

Pink saloons 

Pink saloons are usually registered as bars and, considering the legislation, are not allowed to have separate rooms. The places are usually very dark so that the guests are not disturbed by what's happening at the other tables. They also face criticism that the place is so dark because they employ older girls and those who are not exactly beautiful. Because of the legislation, the girls are regularly employed for 8 hours a day and their salaries are fixed.

Interview with a Japanese prostitute

A girl who didn't reveal her true identity answered a few questions for the forum users. She also showed some photos of her luscious body despite the anonymity. She works in a typical pink saloon where oral intercourse is the most frequent service, but girls do everything else too, except the actual penetration. She is 22 years old and she lost her virginity when she was 21. When someone asked her what happened to her that she so quickly progressed in her sexual activities, she answered that she was already working in the saloon when she lost her virginity and she also stressed that the actual sexual act is not in her 'work description'.

The girl also revealed the financial and organizing sides of the pink saloons - at her saloon the guests are charged 50€ for 30 minutes and the girl earns 18€ per hour. Cheaper saloons charge from 18€ on for 30 minutes. She usually works 7 hours a day and serves about 10 costumers. The most customers she had in one day was 15 and one of them was so big she couldn't get it into her mouth. She is dressed in a typical school uniform. She doesn't swallow although it happened unintentionally a few times, she doesn't have actual intercourse and she does not meet clients outside the saloon. She got so accustomed to her job that she thinks of it as of any other regular job. Fixed salary prevents rivalry between the girls and they get along fine.

She has a boyfriend!

She mentioned that she has a boyfriend in the profile she offered at the beginning of the interview, but she avoided questions about him. She eventually confessed that he doesn't know what she makes for a living and that she thinks it's wrong she can't be honest about it. She also thinks that every man visits a brothel sooner or later. She even advised one user on the forum to visit a brothel even if he has a girlfriend, because there's nothing wrong with it.


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