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How Does It Feel to Live with Sterilization?

T. B. :: 13.02.2012 06:02
interview sterilization

We've talked with a 26 year-old who was sterilized at the age of 18 and will never be able to have children as a result.

  Join us on Facebook!   We discussed living with sterilization with a 26 year-old woman. Sterilization can happen because of a personal choice and it can also happen because of medical reasons. In both cases, sterilization leaves psychological scars. We talked with a heart patient who was sterilized eight years ago.How old were you when sterilization was performed? I was almost 18. It was just before my 18th birthday.Do you think that the age at which you were...How Does It Feel to Live with Sterilization?

Interview with a Japanese Prostitute

P. D. :: 21.10.2011 06:10
interview with japanese prostitute

A Japanese prostitute reveals all about her own profession and prostitution in Japan.

  Join us on Facebook!   Japan has very unusual laws about prostitution. Prostitution is forbidden but the problem lies in its definition. It is forbidden to sell penetration and that's why the business in thriving in companies where they offer different intimate contacts and not only penetration. Massage parlors do not need an extra explanation but they also have the so-called Soapland - special spas where guests are washed by the employees with as much body...Interview with a Japanese Prostitute

Interview: Virgin at 29!

Izabela M :: 28.06.2011 08:06
interview with virgin

We talked to a very pleasant girl who’s still saving herself for ‘Mister Right'.

  Join us on Facebook!   Our charming interviewee is proof that there are still romantic girls in the world who are waiting for their true love. The interviewee wanted to remain anonymous.   Let’s start with the characteristics of a man who would share this special moment with you. What should a man who represents ‘Mister Right’ have? Hmm… I’d naturally have to find him attractive and I would have to like his character. I don’t know... you simply feel...Interview: Virgin at 29!

Disabled People and Sex Life

T. B. :: 31.05.2011 08:05
disabled people sex

To avoid formulating theories, we decided to conduct an interview with a disabled person. We were interested primarily in her attitude towards sexuality. Check out her responses below.

  Join us on Facebook!   Can you introduce yourself?My name is Eva. I am 29 years old and I have a physical disability from my birth, and that is why I have to use crutches for walking. How do you think disability affects your sex life?Disability has definitely formed my life. The influence on sexuality has several layers. I had to overcome psychological as well as physical obstacles. Can you explain which psychological and physical obstacles do you have in...Disabled People and Sex Life

Interview: Eight Years Without Sex

A. B. :: 19.04.2011 06:04
years without sex

This is an interview with a young man who has been without sex for eight years. He rather devotes his time to more important matters.

  Join us on Facebook!   Introduction Have you ever asked yourselves why some people do not have sexual relations? What is the real reason that they are not interested in sex any more, albeit their youth and good health. The interview with a unanimous 30-year old man will, without doubt, give you answers to your dilemmas. “She cheated on me and broke my heart” To start with: when was the last time you had sexual intercourse? Well, it was a long time. I do...Interview: Eight Years Without Sex

Interview With Gigolo Marcus

A. B. :: 15.03.2011 07:03
Gigolo Marcus

We rang the number of a young man who sleeps with women for money and goes under the alias of Gigolo Marcus. He agreed to an interview without any shame.

  Join us on Facebook!   The young man introduced himself as gigolo Marcus, saying that the majority of his clients know him by that name. Let me start by asking directly: What do you do when your erection fails you? This happened only once because the client was truly unattractive and I also had a really difficult day. So, you couldn’t’ perform? No, that’s not true. I performed oral sex and did my best for the money paid. And how much money do you get...Interview With Gigolo Marcus

Exclusive Interview: Swinging has completely changed our lives

Antonio B :: 31.10.2009 14:10
swinger couples

Exclusively for our readers, we interviewed a couple who practices swinging regularly and revealed some hot swingers’ secrets!

  Let’s get straight to the point, ok? Tell me, why, for heavens’ sake, did you take up swinging? Well, this simply turns us on, we both hugely enjoy meeting new people, experiencing new sex adventures – it enriches our lives. Swinging is not meant to be a fad for show-offs, it is a way of life we recommend to all couples who feel their lives together have become boring.It enriches your lives? Can’t you find a more normal way to do that?Oh, come on, don’t be so...Exclusive Interview: Swinging has completely changed our lives

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