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Major Causes of Prostitution Explained

Alex F. ::  1.05.2013 07:05
causes of prostitution

One of the causes of prostitution is poverty. But not everything is so grim.

  Join us on Facebook!   Middle-class prostitutes work in massage parlours, nightclubs and brothels. Prostitutes predominantly come from Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Rumania, Poland and the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Causes of prostitution: Sexual abuse Women who were sexually abused in their childhood, and women whose mothers played the role of a sexual object,  are very likely to decide to become prostitutes....Major Causes of Prostitution Explained

Who Were the Courtesans?

JP ::  2.11.2012 06:11
the courtesans

Some regard the courtesans of the past as masters of underground diplomacy, while others think they were mere prostitutes.

  Join us on Facebook!   The courtesans offered more than just sex The courtesans were women who offered various services to men of the upper class in exchange for money, valuables, a higher social status and political influence. They offered escort, company, a sympathetic ear, and occasional sexual favors too. The courtesans used their services to earn a living and to climb the social ladder. Their beneficiaries chose them based on their smarts, conversational...Who Were the Courtesans?

Don’t be a prostitute in your own bed!

T. B. :: 26.06.2012 07:06
don’t be a prostitute

How far are we prepared to go in bed in the name of love and a successful relationship?

  Join us on Facebook!   Oral sex as a service The most unusual agreements are reached in the bedroom. The most frequent, controversial topics are oral sex, anal, threesomes, swingers and a number of other more unusual fetishes. One’s attitude to oral (as well as anal) sex has become a paradox, if not a rather strange thing. Owing to the fear of pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and the desire to keep one’s virginity, on the one hand, oral sex has become...Don’t be a prostitute in your own bed!

Does a Prostitute or a Client Present a Problem?

T. P. ::  1.11.2011 07:11
problem of prostitution

Let’s once deal with prostitution from the perspective of those who use the services. Are there actually prostitutes in the trade of their own free will?

  Join us on Facebook!   “Free-will” prostitutes Two parallel worlds exist in the mind of an average man. The general belief is that there are two types of prostitutes. The first come from eastern Europe and are forced into prostitution, otherwise they would starve to death. Instead, they choose lesser evil. On the other hand, there are those who are usually natives and do it to make extra money so they can pay for their holidays. Maybe all the above is true,...Does a Prostitute or a Client Present a Problem?

Interview with a Japanese Prostitute

P. D. :: 21.10.2011 06:10
interview with japanese prostitute

A Japanese prostitute reveals all about her own profession and prostitution in Japan.

  Join us on Facebook!   Japan has very unusual laws about prostitution. Prostitution is forbidden but the problem lies in its definition. It is forbidden to sell penetration and that's why the business in thriving in companies where they offer different intimate contacts and not only penetration. Massage parlors do not need an extra explanation but they also have the so-called Soapland - special spas where guests are washed by the employees with as much body...Interview with a Japanese Prostitute

Rich Norwegian prostitutes

S. K. ::  8.04.2011 06:04
norwegian prostitutes

In Norway, a prostitute can earn more than €5000 a week.

  Join us on Facebook!   Norway is the European paradise for prostitutes. In Oslo, the ladies of the night make by far the most money. The rate per hour is, on average, €100. Therefore, if a woman has her love for sale 10 hours a day, she is richer for €1000 in the evening. Norwegians are prepared to pay for sex much more than other Europeans, and thus the prostitutes and pimps from poorer countries, in particular Bulgaria, roam to the north towards...Rich Norwegian prostitutes

Interview With Gigolo Marcus

A. B. :: 15.03.2011 07:03
Gigolo Marcus

We rang the number of a young man who sleeps with women for money and goes under the alias of Gigolo Marcus. He agreed to an interview without any shame.

  Join us on Facebook!   The young man introduced himself as gigolo Marcus, saying that the majority of his clients know him by that name. Let me start by asking directly: What do you do when your erection fails you? This happened only once because the client was truly unattractive and I also had a really difficult day. So, you couldn’t’ perform? No, that’s not true. I performed oral sex and did my best for the money paid. And how much money do you get...Interview With Gigolo Marcus

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